30 ROCK “I Heart Connecticut” Review

30 Rock "I Heart Connecticut" (NBC)

30 ROCK “I Heart Connecticut” Season 5 Episode 19 – Now that Liz has found out that Tracy is in New York and not Africa, this episode follows Kenneth and Liz’s attempts to scour the city and find the star of TGS.

Meanwhile, Jack decides to reform the way NBC buys pilots: instead of ordering ten and hoping one sticks, he’s wants to only do shows that are, you know, good. Well, this idea doesn’t exactly last long as Jenna finds herself in an arthouse character study movie inspired by the toruture porn Saw movies, and Jack decides that this is the perfect oppurtunity to do some product placement. I love 30 Rock‘s product placement parodies, and this story was hilarious as Jack tries to tie in tourism for Connecticut with a slasher movie.

The C-story involved Pete’s fantasy arm wrestling dominance around the offices of TGS. There were some strangely poignant scenes which tied in together with a hero complex Pete has which added a layer of depth to the characters which 30 Rock generally avoids.

Well, Tracy has been off the 30 Rock screen for many weeks, but he has at last returned in time for the 100th episode next week. I cannot wait to see what Tina Fey and her writers have cooked up.

Random Thoughts:

“We produce more failed pilots than the French airforce.” Nerd high five!

Jenna to the writers: “Listen up 5s, a 10 is speaking!”

Tracy: “Sean Penn wanted me to go to Haiti with him and I’m not strong enough for the pain and the human misery of a three-hour plane ride with Sean Penn”

One hundred is a huge episode count for television. Television shows are way more likely to be picked up for syndication if they have over 100 episodes, so as a huge fan of 30 Rock I’m delighted that the show has at least been given a chance for such a run.

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