SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: 5 Shocking SUPERNATURAL Moments


Well boys and girls, we are in the home stretch of hellatius, and I don’t know about you guys, but I wish it were Friday already!

To ease the pain and make this week a little more bearable, I want to open up a discussion about the most shocking moments of Supernatural.

I’m going to start you with 5, then you fill in your list in the comments below. Tweet it, Facebook it, get your friends involved, and let’s make Friday come faster!

What Do You Mean Mary Knew Azazel?

All Hell Breaks Loose

Back in All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 good old yellow eyes appears to Sam in a dream. He takes Sammy on a stroll down memory lane and shows Sam that Mary actually knew a demon was going to be visiting her son’s nursery… not only did she know this little tidbit of Intel, but she actually seemed to recognize the demon!

I’m sorry, what now? The demon that started it all, and I mean started EVERYTHING… Mary KNEW about it?! We weren’t given much more information than that during this episode, but it was enough to make us wonder just what was going on with Mary Winchester.

Um… Wait… The Hell hounds Really DID Get Dean?!

No Rest For The Wicked

I think the subject line pretty much says it all. But I know I’m not alone when I say this: While watching No Rest For the Wicked when Lilth opened that door and let in the hellhouds that tore Dean to ribbons, I sat with my mouth open and eyes wide.

The boys had died before sure, but not like this… and showing Dean in hell screaming for Sam? And Sam holding his body back on earth? It would’ve been easier on the fans if the writers would have just punched us in the stomach rather than leaving us with that image for the summer months.


On The Head of a Pin

When the fandom found out that Sam had been drinking demon blood from Ruby in On The Head of a Pin, I don’t think shock is a good enough word for the feeling that hit us. We knew that Sam had been up to something (and that Ruby was no good, but that’s an entirely different article) while Dean was in hell, but I we didn’t know that he’d gone to THOSE lengths to kill Lilith.

Demon blood, Sam? Really??

So, Hey, Dean? I May Have Killed Lilth And It MIGHT Have Started The Apocalypse.

Lucifer Rising

When Lucifer Rising aired I was sitting with three friends, one of who is not a huge Supernatural fan (conversion is underway, don’t worry). She had no idea what was going on, and yet when the end of the episode hit the screen, even she screamed “WHAT?!” right along with the rest of us.

We knew that there was something up with Ruby, but like the demon blood, we didn’t realize the EXTENT of what she was up to. Granted, she’s a demon, and not to be trusted (hear that, Sam!?), but to completely play the Winchesters, you sort of have to give the girl some credit (I don’t BELIEVE I just typed that).

Um… Guys? The Impala Was Just TOTALED By A Truck.

Devil's Trap

In Devil’s Trap, the season finale of the first season brought us a HUGE shock – the boys and John were driving along getting to a hospital because Dean looked like he was knocking on death’s door (and Sam’s eye looked hideous), out of nowhere a semi-truck comes along and smashes into the impala.

We were left with Sam yelling for Dean who was passed out in the back seat, and John unconscious in the front. Turns out it was a demon driving the truck, and when Sam threatened him with the colt he bolted, but the fans were left wondering what was going to happen in season 2.


I could go on for PAGES about more shocking moments, but I’ll leave some for you guys! Post away Supernatural fans, and check back for more Supernatural chat!

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