NIKITA “Into the Dark” Review

NIKITA (CW) - Into the Dark

NIKITA “Into the Dark” Season 1 Episode 18 – Would it be in poor taste to say that Nikita and Michael really needed that sexy time? You know, pent up emotions and all. Then who shows up but Owen, guardian and former cleaner! He’s thinner and tattooed, more determined, and a wee bit on the crazy side, with his splitting headaches and drug regimen – a discontinued regimen, that is. Owen’s enhanced cleaner abilities are turning into a damaging obsessive drive.

It’s great to see NIKITA returning to its roots. Tonight’s episode is reminiscent of the first episodes of the season – a darker approach, fast action, and a focused purpose. But “Into the Dark” also keeps some elements from the middle of the season. There is some loving between Michael and Nikita, and the show continues with recaps of choice scenes from past episodes. In addition, Alex is again relegated to the more appropriate role of a capable but inexperienced agent, instead of single-handedly trying to act out the story of the town mouse (Let’s party!) and the country mouse (I want out).

First off the fight scenes, which all involve Owen. The chase scene, gun fight, leaping jump, and push over the bridge were pretty darn exciting. Pushing Nikita in front of the car was a low blow. The fight with the other guardian in the church looked “awkward,” with one pair of legs around the neck and the other pair who knows where, and where was that hand?

“Down boys, now!” Michael is clearly whipped. He lets Nikita go off with Owen to London. He helps Alex. Twice he doesn’t kill Owen. It would have been justified when Owen made the funny, insinuating comments, “She’s bossy like that. You’ll learn.” and “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her.” I had to laugh at Michael wincing.

We see Alex delete Nathan from her Division file. Is that the last we see of him?

Threat by letters! I have never heard four letters sound as ominous as when Amanda uttered them in reference to the fMRI lie detector scan/test. Melinda Clarke is good.

Snitch! Amanda finally gets a version of the truth from Alex, who inadvertently implicates Michael. He gets her out of trouble with Amanda in the end. Lucky he has hooked up with Nikita. Michael, the sneak, tells Percy about Owen. Old habits die hard; and he “really doesn’t like” the guy, I know. I can’t understand why Shane West gets the worst dialogue of the show. Delivery, you say? Still, in each episode he seems to just get a few lines that he repeats over and over. If only he had more to work with, Michael would be a much more sympathetic character.

Owen apologizes to Nikita for killing Daniel. And he goes off again to presumably wean himself off the drugs and find answers. To what will be determined. I like the complexity of his character. Bring him back!

Nikita has a soft spot for Owen because he has experienced the same type of loss that she has. And he wants to take down Division as well, though with a slightly different game plan. What would you do? Release the contents of the black boxes, consequently revealing the truth, or destroy the black boxes which would end Division and Percy for good?

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