HAPPY ENDINGS “Pilot/Quicksand Girlfriend” Review


HAPPY ENDINGS “Pilot/Quicksand Girlfriend” Episode 1 and 2 – We’ve all seen it a million times; girl and guy are about to get married when another guy comes in and objects to the wedding and takes the bride away. It’s all very romantic…unless you’re the groom.

And that’s where this new show starts off and though it may not exactly be romantic, it does turn out to be hella funny. It turns into all kinds of complicated too, when the bride comes back and both of them try to go back to hanging out with their mutual friends and basically return to normal. That goes about as well as you’d expect it would and after ruining a friend’s birthday party, the two decide to reconcile and really move on with their lives.

Alex starts looking for a roommate but apparently is a bad judge of character, so Jane sets out to find her the perfect one. The only problem is that all of them would make perfect roommates for Jane, not Alex.

Meanwhile Dave decides to start dating again and immediately gets sucked much farther into a relationship than he wants.

Overall I found this two hour premiere really funny and I’m already starting to like a few of the characters. Which are good signs in my book.

My favorite bits..

The sight of Dave driving the honeymoon car all alone and sobbing like a baby.

Trying to figure out which was creepier, the fact that Dave ate half of the world’s biggest chocolate bride…or that he left the hand…to hold.

“Do you know how hard it is to get slut out of Egyptian Cotton?”

Penny telling the chick at the gym that she was going to bawl her eyes out and then physically fight her…after the chick called her “ma’am.”

“I’ve had pure evil coming out of both ends of my body for three weeks and you’re drinking vodka???!”

The guys debating on which story Dave was telling the chick in the bar.

“I see how you got from quickand to chicksand…you’re an idiot.”

Penny telling Max that he’s not gay, he’s a straight guy who sleeps with dudes.

Finding out that Dave apparently petered “in”, two and a half times.

Max telling Penny that she was his gay husband.

Dave finally getting up the nerve to have the “conversation”, only to find out that Andrea had been avoiding having it with him. Draaamaaaaa! (oops, couldn’t help myself)

What did you think of the premiere of Happy Endings? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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