Daemon’s TV Presents: SUPERNATURAL Thursdays

daemonstv presents supernatural thursdays

After the overwhelming feedback we received for the few Supernatural centric articles that were published last month (6 Reasons Why You Should Watch SUPERNATURAL, 5 Reasons Why Dean is Better Than Sam & 7 Reasons Why Sam Is Better Than Dean), we are pleased to introduce a new column on Daemon’s TV titled Supernatural Thursdays.

So what are Supernatural Thursdays all about?

Starting today, every Thursday will feature a new Supernatural centric article on such topics as current happenings on the show, characters, moments, and much more.

Taking on the Supernatural Thursdays are two of our great writers, Kelly and Moki, whom you might already be familiar with. These girls are, for lack of a better word, “Supernatural freaks” and are the perfect team to fulfill all your Supernatural needs.

They have each a short message for you before we get started:


Hey Supernatural fans! I’m Kelly, your resident Sam girl. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this column, I think we’re all going to have a blast contributing! I’ve loved Supernatural since its debut in 2005. I remember seeing the promos for the show and being an AVID lover of the paranormal, thought it looked AWESOME. What fan of ghost stories doesn’t want to see their favorite urban legends come to life?

Well, I was hooked from the start and haven’t stopped loving Supernatural since. I love how the show blends mythology (more so in the earlier seasons) of different religions and faiths, and how they can take an urban legend and make it into a completely believable story. I could (and have) talk about the different myths and legends that the show has touched on for hours.

I was also one of “THOSE” fans… you know, the ones that didn’t want a season six since the finale of the fifth season was a PERFECT ENDING. That’s another topic that I could wax on about for hours, but I’ll spare you that in this intro. I’ve since been converted, and am just happy that the show is still around to enjoy, and hey, I’m even hoping for a seventh season!

I think you’re really going to enjoy this column, I know that Moki and I are both really excited to be a part of this and to bring you opinions from two VERY different ends of the Supernatural spectrum. Let us know if there is anything that you’d like to hear about, we’re open to suggestions.

Hope you enjoy the column as much as we do! 🙂


Hi folks! My name is Moki and as many of you probably already know, I am lucky enough to review Supernatural up here on Daemon’s TV.

I fell in love with Supernatural near the end of Season Two after coming across the episode ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’ My love for this show is something that hit me like a…well, like an Impala. Within about five minutes I knew I was going to love this show and Dean Winchester forever. I’m a hardcore Dean girl but for me, it’s not so much about how good looking he is….okay, so maybe it’s a *little* about that. But mostly it was about his humor and a bunch of other stuff.

I’m one of those fans that loves this show almost to a fault. I have complete faith in the writers and I am usually hard pressed to find anything I dislike about it. When I found out that it was renewed for season 6, I was elated and knew that if anyone could pull off a whole new story arc, it would be the people behind this show.

So when you read my articles in this column, that’s what you’ll be getting – a hardcore Dean girl who is in love with the show and isn’t afraid to shout it from the mountaintops.

So there you have it. Starting today, you will be getting your first article from Kelly who will discuss 5 Shocking Supernatural Moments and make sure you come back every Thursday.

These articles will last until the end of the current Supernatural season and might be extended for a longer period of time depending on the feedback we get from you.

So if you want it to continue, make sure you share your love for Supernatural Thursdays!