COMMUNITY “Competitive Wine Tasting” Review

Community (NBC) "Competitive Wine Tasting"

COMMUNITY “Competitive Wine Tasting” Season 2 Episode 20 – Two eternal questions: “Who is the boss?” and “Can Pierce be redeemed?” are explored in the “Competitive Wine Tasting” episode of COMMUNITY. Meanwhile, Troy and Britta’s acting elective takes a very odd turn.

It’s hardest to review the average episodes. As always with Community, there are some great moments, but overall, this episode leaves me not cold, but definitely a bit cool. Part of that is that I was really looking forward to Abed taking a “Who’s the Boss” class and that subplot is completely shortchanged. Abed breaking Professor “I am not a fan, I am not a groupie; I am an academic” Sheffield is a great punch line, but I wish there had been more set-up. I mean-you have Stephen Tobolowski with Danny Pudi, after all. Use them! I do love that the “What Was Happening” compendium (published by Wheezy’s Television Times Review, no less) next to the gun is Sheffield’s happy place after he accepts that Angela Bower was indeed the boss, but mostly, this story is underdeveloped and disappointing.

Given how evil Pierce has become this season, it’s nice to see some steps toward both modulating his character and Jeff realizing that the group has exacerbated the problem with their treatment of the poor racist bastard. Speaking of racist, is it possible that corporate spy Wu Mei might be his soul mate? “People use each other, Jeff. It doesn’t mean there aren’t good feelings there.” So many lessons there.

“My uncle put his finger in my no-no!” Well, that acting class certainly takes a turn, doesn’t it? “Troy-nothing good can come of this.” That’s what I was thinking about most of the Troy pretending to have been molested plot, too until the “Fiddler, Please” closing tag. “It’s hard to be Jewish in Russia, yo! Someone drop an old testament beat–dreidels!” Best part of the entire episode, I think. I’m not sure what to think of any Britta/Troy flirtation, but let’s find Troy someone. Also, please bring back Kevin Corrigan often, and why didn’t I ever get a homework assignment of drinking cognac in a bathtub?

Blink and you’ll miss Shirley and Irony-free Annie. (What do they really call her? Hee.) As I said, there are some very funny moments in “Competitive Wine Tasting” and a couple of touching ones, but the tone and flow both feel awkward and I wish it were better balanced, story-wise. Still, an okay episode of Community is better than most of what’s on television and there is some fun to be had here.

Favorite lines:

“Because my stick is ribbed for her pleasure.” “I think those are wrinkles.”

“Not interested. Please take weird haircut, stupid grin, and go sniff another dog’s ass.”

“He refused to drink Pinot noir because he thought it was French for black penis”

“My mind is open, Professor. Just as open as the door to Mona’s bedroom.”

“I’m like an insatiable baboon in the bedroom.” “Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a baboon everywhere.”

“Very impressive, Veronica Mars. You learned how to use Google”

“How about Thai? They’re like Chinese-Mexicans”

What did you think of “Competitive Wine Tasting?” What were your favorite/least favorite parts? What do you think about a Troy/Britta pairing? Please let me know in the comments.

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