BONES “The Truth in the Myth” Review

BONES (FOX) The Truth in the Myth

BONES “The Truth in the Myth” Season 6 Episode 18 – In this episode the team is put on the case of a TV host killed by a chupacabra…okay not really but that’s totally what it looked like in the beginning.

The case points out one of the main differences in the way that Bones and Booth think. Booth of course believes that there is a possibility of a chupacabra because he’s willing to believe in the things he can’t see. Bones, on the other hand, is unwilling to believe in anything that she can’t prove with scientific facts.

Once again, Booth gets Bones to open her mind a little and though he didn’t manage to convince her that chupacabras are real (or the Abominable Snowman for that matter), he does shake up her steadfast beliefs a bit.

Also, I just have to mention that the B story in this episode was pretty hilarious – Vincent apologizing to everyone about all kinds of things he did when he was drunk; the best of them being that he told all of his friends that he slept with pretty much every woman at the lab. Bones response to the news was absolutely classic.

My favorite bits..

Cracking up at the fact that it was a dude this time who screamed like a girl when he saw the body.

Sulphur? On the remains?? Uh oh…sounds like a job for Sam and Dean. (gratuitous Supernatural reference, sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Hodgins finding a goat and the fact that neither Bones nor Booth said a word about it.

Hodgins handing the goat’s leash to Booth. Like he would know what to do with it?

Vincent admitting, and then apologizing for, taking a whiz in Hodgin’s tadpole tank.

The glee that Hodgins and Vincent had when pointing to the picture of a chupacabra on the flat screen.

This line from Bones: “I’m not familiar with the yada-yada myth.”

Laughing at Bones laughing at trying to come up with a quip about the backside of Booth’s moon. Her laugh turned out to be a lot funnier than the actual joke though.

Bones: “Why is it called the Pine Tree Manor when it’s obviously planted with cedar?” Booth: “I was just thinking that.” Bones: “Really?” Booth: “No.”

Finding out that Vincent told people that he and Cam once shared a very passionate (and not to mention gymnastic) affair.

Wait. Booth saw a Yeti? Awesome.

Aw, the bird thought that Sweets had a kind face.

The Pet Psychic lady telling Sweets to ask the horse to corroborate her alibi. LOL.

Really? Hodgins is talking to Angela about the dangers of gaining too much weight during pregnancy? Really???? That woman still barely looks pregnant to me.

Bones telling Vincent that she was impressed he managed to keep her iguana on his head.

Bones doing everything she could to prove that was Booth saw wasn’t an Abominable Snowman so much as it was a bear.

Booth pointing out that it was unlikely anyone was watching the show, so Bones might as well go ahead and sit down.

Vincent being able to recognize the sound of a raisin falling in milk.

You know, I thought Hodgins was being a little too nice to Vincent about the whole telling people he slept with his wife thing…up until I saw the black marks around Vincent’s eyes. LOL!

Booth standing there holding that bullet when the chick drove up.

Everyone toasting to the stupidity and greed that kept them employed.

Booth saying that some things were inexplicable – like him and Bones. Aww!

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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