America's Next Top Model (CW) "Lana Marks"

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Lana Marks” Season 16 Episode 8 – After last week’s awesome meltdown it’s clear that, looking at these six finalists, they’re some of the most entertaining characters Tyra Banks and co have put together.

The challenge is the go see; the girls have to book a client. Only five models will be heading out to the cycle’s foreign destination: Morrocco.

This time, the girls are given a car and driver and a map and they have to find their way through the LA traffic to four go-sees in four hours. Alexandria, delectably, announces that she’s from LA and knows it like the back of her hand. Watching these models walking around a city trying to find their way is always one of the highlights of the cycle.

Alexandria totally nails them and watching her gleefully bouncing from go see to go see after so many episodes of getting beaten down was highly enjoyable.

The three girls who did the best were Kasia, Molly and Alexandria and one of these three will get a chance to be featured in Lana Marks international advert. Alexandria wins the challenge, but to the chagrin of the other girls, and she also wins a bucnh of booty.

Molly wants to go to Morrocco or else she’ll punch a hole in something.

The photo shoot is eco friendly, the couture dresses made of recycled materials.

Alexandria’s dress is amazing. Molly found herself surrounded by birds. Brittani absolutely attacks the garbage heap.

I love that Tyra had to dub herself as she was announcing the prizes. Alexandria wows the judges, Jacelyn may just be in trouble, Molly finds herself hindered by her personality. Kasia is unaware of the tricks of her body. Hannah has to catch up to herself. Brittani smooths things over after last’s weeks big dramatic blowout, and she’s forgiven.

Lana Marks turns out to be one of the most insightful judges to have made it to the Top Model panel.

I loved the music played as Alexandria won best photo. Hannah came second, then Kasia and Brittani. With Molly and Jacelyn in the bottom two, Molly starts praying to the godesses of fashion.

In an absolute shocker (or so I thought) Molly was given a second chance. Jacelyn, who seemed to be up there in the top rung of the models was sent hom. She was smiling all the way home.

What did you think of this episode? Did the right girl go home? Sound off in the comments below.

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