THE MIDDLE “The Legacy” Review

THE MIDDLE (BC) 'The Legacy"

THE MIDDLE “The Legacy” Season 2 Episode 19 – Axl and Mike go to war over socks while Sue goes to war with the Glossners over a trophy and Brick is a poster boy for banning hand-me-downs in THE MIDDLE‘s “The Legacy” episode. It’s not the strongest installment of the season, but it has some laughs and a terrific ending.

Sue finally gets a trophy–of course it’s for Most Punctual to Cross Country and costs $40–only to have it stolen by a dog and end up in the dreaded Glossners’ garage. Is it just me or is Sue a smidge too pathetic and clueless tonight? Wanting to know if disgusting Derek said anything about her? Really? Ick. I do love her standing up to the Glossner kids and she is adorable riding around on her bike with the trophy in her basket. She’s just such a special character I worry they’ll take her too far and she’ll lose her core Sue-ness. I would hate for her to become a caricature.

The Axl/Mike war certainly has its moments. I love that Axl of the spontaneously shedding clothes blames his disgusting socks winding up everywhere (steering wheel?) on the fact that they’re hand-me-downs. Actually, Axl just blames everything tonight on anyone and anything that isn’t him. Sounds like a teenager to me. How dense can he be, though? Move the darn plate!

Mike is my favorite part of the episode as he tries to get Axl back in the basketball game while saving face. Plus: he has an Underwear Mountain and completely makes Frankie’s idea his the way my husband has done at least a thousand times. Hee! The Middle always does a nice job showing how Frankie and Mike struggle with parental decisions and this is an especially good example as Frankie backs Mike even though she thinks he’s nuts and then they both work to fix the situation. The end with Mike and Axl playing basketball is a perfect moment between father and son–just touching enough without being cloying. I love it.

Brick’s story strikes a chord. I not only had hand-me-downs as a kid, but my mom crocheted matching sweaters for my sister (who is ten years older) and me. It was beyond humiliating, so I feel Village People Liberace Bikini Inspector Brick’s pain. The wardrobe department must have had fun finding the least Brick-like outfits possible. “Don’t let me die in these stupid clothes!”

This is an uneven episode and I’m a bit concerned about how far the writers will take Sue’s loserdom, but it has a few good laughs and the final moments with Mike and Axl make up for the less interesting parts.

Favorite lines:

“Until we win the lottery, your style is free.”

“Our crappy house is no excuse for you to be a pig.”

“MVP, huh? That still means Most Valuable Player, right?”

“How many socks do I have to leave around the house before you won’t let me come to this?”

“How much do you have to hate to say something before you don’t say it?”

“I just can’t believe the little bastard beat my record.”

What were your favorite parts of “The Legacy?” Do you think Sue is a little too much here? Let me know in the comments.

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