THE GOOD WIFE “Foreign Affairs” Review

The Good Wife (CBS) "Foreign Affairs"

THE GOOD WIFE “Foreign Affairs” Season 2 Episode 20 – “It’s like being in a Woody Allen movie.” Well, not one of the good ones. My love for The Good Wife knows no bounds…or so I thought. It started off promising: Alicia’s househunting is interrupted by a cascade of phone calls, Eli feels the pressure of the final stretch as Wendy Scott-Carr’s husband nails a crucial interview and gives his wife a huge political boost.

This turned into a baffling episode of Big Bad Dictator as Lockhart & Gardner’s case about Venezualan oil gets hijacked by Fred Dalton Thompson and Chavez. Yes, Chavez. Hugo Chavez. I mean, I get it, dictators are hot topics in the current media, and The Good Wife loves to be on top of the hot topics, but this episode was probably the worst I’ve seen. Why did we see Hugo Chavez? Why was he ranting like an idiot? America Ferrara is a good actress and her role on the show is good, but she was totally shoehorned in as the intern-and I’m not sure what her boyfriend was doing in the episode. The Skype case was just awful. Cases on the The Good Wife can get quite complicated, but I’ve never felt so lost. It was played for pure silliness, but really it was just stupid.

The political campaign can always be relied upon for entertainment, mainly thanks to Alan Cummings awesome turn as the delectable Eli Gold, but it was weird that the political climax of the season-with Peter Florrick finally winning the seat for the States Attorney, featured neither Chris Noth (only a terribly conspicuous body double) and his opponent Wendy Scott-Carr (this is more of a personal peeve, but I was certainly hoping we’d get more scenes with the sweeter than sugar incarnation of ideological perfection before the arc’s end).

What was good was Alicia finally finding out that Kalinda had an affair with her husband thanks to Wiley. Julianna Marguileis absolutely nailed this episode, from the interview to her reaction upon finding out such a cataclysmic betrayal, she gave yet another quietly brilliant performance.

Random Thoughts:

It’s amazing how a pink floral suit and chunky wooden beads can strip Diane of her indominable strength and turn her into…well, a granny at mass.

Courtney Love jokes. Really, Chavez?

In terms of quality, The Good Wife has been a straight A student. This episode was a shocking, disappointing B-. Despite the fall in quality, it was still an above average hour of television.

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