Survivor: Redemption Island “The Buddy System”, Season 22 Episode 9 – Survivor: Redemption Island returned this week with “The Buddy System”, and it started the episode continuing Matt’s pity party that he began at the end of last week’s episode. I feel bad for the guy, but you reap what you sow, dude.

In a very rare case with Survivor, most of the camp drama actually occurred before the challenge. Boston Rob’s control of this game really is remarkable. Not only does his team look to him as the undisputed leader of their tribe, but they’re afraid to even talk to members of the other tribe about their strategy. It takes some serious power over your tribe to keep them from even chatting with other tribe members about what you’re planning, but to have enough power over somebody that they don’t even eat when they’re starving!? That’s power. This guy is playing the game of his life right now. The only person that can beat him at this point is himself and his paranoia. Hopefully that doesn’t get the best of him.

I never look at the promos or advertisements for this show, since I like to keep myself surprised, but did they announce beforehand that it was going to be a double elimination? When Mike got voted out and we only were 30 minutes in, I was pleasantly surprised. While I was excited to get double games and tribals in the episode, I was a little disappointed that they had to cut a week from the Survivor schedule by basically combining two episodes into one. While we’re on the subject, when was the last time we had a full season of Survivor? I can’t remember the last season where we’ve had no quitters, game-ending injuries, or double-eliminations. Come on, CBS! We want more Survivor, not less!

As far as the rest of the episode, Boston Rob’s rock hard alliance took out their next two targets with little to no resistance. The old Zapatera seemed to just roll over and let it happen. I’m a little confused about there being three guys at Redemption Island now, so we’ll see how that turns out next week!

Random Thoughts:

– Whenever I hear that “Fool me once” saying, I always think of the time when President George W. Bush tried saying it and screwed it up. Now whenever I hear somebody say it correctly, it just doesn’t sound right to me.

– While I love Philip, I think even he’s having a hard time keeping a straight face during his crazy antics. When he was describing his feather at tribal council, he could barely keep from cracking up. Also, he sounds like Charlie Sheen when he was describing “Stealth ‘R’ Us”.

– I would SUCK at the second immunity challenge. I was terrible at the monkey bars when I was a kid