MODERN FAMILY “The Musical Man” Review

MODERN FAMILY (ABC) "The Musical Man"

MODERN FAMILY “The Musical Man” Season 2 Episode 19 – Jay spends some time with his brother while Phil’s advertising and Cam’s musical trip around the world at Luke and Manny’s school go very much awry in “The Musical Man.” Luckily for us, the censors take the week off, leading to some fabulous double entendres in this all- around terrific episode of MODERN FAMILY.

Sweet Lorna Doone! I’m still laughing at all the goodness tonight. Oh, that van. I knew it was going to be bad, but “I can’t be satisfied” and “Let me make your dreams come true?” Wow. That is just shrink-wrapped amazingness right there. The honking as Claire and Haley drive around is funny enough, but Phil’s eye-widening “I guess I’ll be seeing you Wednesdays and every other weekend” when Alex shows him the picture of the van has me rolling. Of course the ad ends up being a ridiculously inappropriate ego boost for Claire and Phil tries to take credit. I love the Dunphys. Very good choice by the writers to give Haley average SAT scores-too many shows give underachievers genius scores. I’m intrigued by Haley’s ambivalence toward college and I hope that is explored. Alex is certainly embracing her dark side as she roots for Haley’s downfall. “Well, we took the scenic route, but we ended up in the same place.”

Jonathan Banks is perfect as Jay’s brother Donnie and they are a hoot together with some terrific physical comedy. The wet Willie in the movie theater is so well done and I love that it leads to such a touching moment between them. This is a terrific story that rings true for those of us who might not be as touchy-feely as others but do love our family and I like how the serious cancer thread is woven into their silliness. Gloria doesn’t have a lot to do here, but Sophia Vergara’s inflection on “Is it?” when she’s so frustrated over Jay and Donnie’s relationship is spot-on. I know she’s seen as the hot one, and she so is, but she also has impeccable timing and great delivery.

I have seen some bad school musicals in my time, but I think Cam would run away with the worst ever title. Poor stuck Luke and Mitchell dismisses him because he and Cam are having a moment. Ha! I love Cam, but he should stick to one-man shows. Love Mitchell’s outburst outside the auditorium so he could be supportive and that the show addresses their bickering! I want more scenes of Manny and Luke together because their contrasting personalities and Manny’s disbelief that Emma finds Luke so funny and appealing (he is) is adorable. “We love the F word.” Oh, my. Somehow I don’t think Cam will be the interim music director much longer, but it was certainly fun while it lasted.

I have no idea what the Modern Family writers were drinking/eating/smoking when they wrote this episode, but I hope they bought in bulk. The stories all work well, both on their own and together, I love that everything intersected at the end, and the entire cast sparkles. Plus there are huge belly laughs all the way through.

Favorite lines:

“Did the Marlboro Man have any regrets?”

“Now all that driving around your mom does will serve a purpose.”

“He focused it by making it about the world.”

“You know what I end up with? Wet dreams! I knew it as soon as I said it. Leave me alone.”

“That’s funny because women are so inferior.”

“I think the carpet matches the drapes. I haven’t checked in a while.”

“I introduced these children to musical theater. Years from now they will still be talking about the way I Sondheim-ized them.”

“You just get your prostate checked-by a doctor, not some guy you met on the internet.”

“So, thanks to all the perverts in town I know I still have a few good years ahead of me.”

Which of your favorite “The Musical Man” moments did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

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