HAPPY ENDINGS “Pilot/Quicksand Girlfriend” Two Hour Premiere


Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the premiere two hour episode of HAPPY ENDINGS “Pilot/Quicksand Girlfriend” Two Hour Premiere which airs Wednesday April 13 at 10pm on ABC.

Episode Synopsis: HAPPY ENDINGS “Pilot” Episode 1 – When a couple splits up, the real question is who gets to keep the friends? After Alex leaves Dave at the altar, their breakup complicate their friend’s lives and makes everyone question their own choices. Alex and Dave were the perfect couple, the glue that kept their social circle together. The circle includes Alex’s sister Jane and her husband Brad, their gay friend Max and Penny who constantly worries about meeting the right guy. The circle rallies around good guy Dave. Alex returns alone to explain why she left Dave at the altar. It wasn’t for another guy but, in fact, she’s been questioning her feelings for Dave for some time. A truce is struck but will the group be able to stay together or does everyone have to choose a side? Now every event is a negotiation and there are a lot of questions to be answered. Eventually, the friends will figure it out.

HAPPY ENDINGS “Quicksand Girlfriend” – Dave’s one-night-stand with Andrea (Courtney Henggeler) lands him in “chicksand” as the hookup evolves into a relationship he’s just not ready for yet. Jane, who thinks Alex is a terrible judge of people, can’t keep herself from getting involved when her sister looks for a roommate now that Dave’s moved out, on “Happy Endings,” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13 (10:00-10:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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