Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior “Smother”, Season 1 Episode 9 – This week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, “Smother”, was the second episode of this new series to begin with a crime taking place in a parking lot. The first episode to begin in a parking lot was the third episode, “See No Evil”, which is my favorite episode of this show so far. Does this episode retain the same level of quality? Let’s see.

The episode did start off addressing one of my main complaints with the show: Rapport. Those of you who read my episode reviews every week (Do you exist?) may be bored of this complaint every week, but it’s just so prevalent to me week to week. We got a nice little scene of Beth busting Mick’s chops about some mystery lady that he was on the phone with, causing Mick to try to brush off her comments by changing the subject. It was a small interaction, as they usually are on this show, but at least it’s something! Too bad it ended up being his little sister on the phone, as Beth later found out much to her chagrin.

Staying on the subject of the team dynamic, this was the first episode where the team split up and started profiling separately. Prophet and Mick were in a separate room from the rest of the team, and they were discussing the various psychological issues the Unsub might have. It was a little odd that they weren’t sharing this with the rest of the team, but at least they were trying something new this week. It makes sense to split up and work on different aspects of the case separately since you can cover more ground that way, however it just destroys the team dynamic and camaraderie that is so important to a show like this.

This week’s Unsub was sufficiently creepy and menacing, as the villains of this show should be. However, the acting of both the mother and her son left quite a bit to be desired. The mother overacted, and the kid underacted. The final scene was pretty disappointing, too. The Unsub was found without consequence, the baby rescued easily, and then she just crashes into a ditch without really any hassle. And was that a swipe transition I saw after the mother was arrested? What is this, Star Wars? Thankfully it was salvaged somewhat by a very emotionally fulfilling final scene, with Mick revealing to one of the victim’s husband some advice from what seems to be his personal experience. I’m liking the information we’re getting from Mick’s backstory. Hopefully we get some more of this from the rest of the crew!

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Random Thoughts:

– It seems like there’s more female Unsubs on this show than on the original. Does anybody else feel that way?

– I don’t care what you say, but breast feeding kids when they’re old is plain creepy. My rule: If you’re old enough to ask to be breast fed, then you’re too old. I’ve seen that happen!

– The title of the episode reminded me of the 2008 movie “Smother”, starring Diane Keaton. I’ve seen a lot of movies, but it’s probably the worst one I’ve ever seen. I recommend watching it when some friends and alcohol are involved, as it’s the only way you might enjoy it.