NCIS “Dead Reflection” Review

NCIS (CBS) Dead Reflection

NCIS “Dead Reflection” Season 8 Episode 21 – Alright, so after taking the advice of one of my fine readers last week, I’ve decided to pretty much take anything that might be interpreted as Tiva-oriented and instead view it as friends-worried-about-each-other. This made for a much more pleasant viewing experience and I think that was also helped along by the fact that there was a lot of stuff going on in this one.

One thing I found very interesting was that Gibbs waited for Tony to come to him about the whole EJ thing. We saw last week that he had no qualms about going to EJ and telling her to back off. But rather than tracking Tony down and disciplining him like a little boy, Gibbs let his Senior Field Agent come to him so that they could discuss it. I also found it very interesting that they really didn’t solve anything by having that conversation, though I think that both came out of it still respecting the other. It made me realize that we’ve never really had Tony and Gibbs at odds with each other for longer than the span of one episode and it feels strange for them to be in (as Tony put it) a rough patch. But the angst-lover in me is eating it up with a spoon and I can’t wait for more juicy scenes to come between them.

Now I may have chosen to ignore all possible signs of Tiva but one thing I have no problem spotting is anything that may point to McAbby (and you can read all about my opinion of that here). And boy was there a lot to see in this episode. Not only did McGee make it very plain that he was jealous of Abby’s “date” with Simon, but she didn’t seem to mind his jealousy and in fact looked like she enjoyed it.

As for the P2PKiller story, we have now found out that the eyeball that Tony found in his drink last week belongs to someone who works (or maybe previously worked?) at NCIS. Oh boy.

My favorite bits..

Tony calling finding an eyeball in his drink “a real eye opener.” *rimshot!* Don’t forget to tip your waitresses folks!

Seeing another appearance of Tony’s shoulder holster. I love it when he wears that.

Yeah, whatever with the video, we all know a case is never THAT easy.

Gibbs catching Tony looking back at EJ.

Not missing the fact that Gibbs told McGee to “take DiNozzo,” instead of the other way around.

Oh McGee. Telling Tony not play with someone else’s stuff? Really? You do know that will make him do it all the more, right?

The entire conversation in the car between Tony and Ziva.

Whoa! Abby and new (big) guy Simon????

Aw, poor McGee’s face when he saw that Abby was going out with the new guy. Cheese and Rice!! It’s like EJ’s entire team is bound and determined to break up Team Gibbs.

EJ is telling Tony she doesn’t like his cologne? Hmm.that seems like a conversation that shouldn’t happen so soon. Or maybe that’s just me.

McGee grilling Abby for info on her date with I mean Simon.

The smile that Abby gave McGee when she accused him of being jealous.

Gibbs walking away from Tony when he caught him being distracted again.

Tony, Gibbs, Basement, Bourbon = YES!!

Yep, I was so with Tony on that. Gibbs not slapping him was definitely a sign that he was pissed. I was waiting for him to catch on.

Tony trying to defend himself with Gibbs. You know, even though I don’t like EJ and I think Gibbs is right, I still kinda felt for Tony since I do know how long it’s been since he’s had anyone he could be that comfortable with.

This line from Gibbs practically sending me into orbit – “I depend on you.”

Absolutely ADORING whatever the song was that Abby was playing when Gibbs walked in after his chat with Tony.

Not missing the fact that Tony has now told EJ twice that she really should be afraid of Gibbs.

Holy crap! McGee didn’t know that Tony was sleeping with EJ?? LOL.

McGee correctly pointing out that Tony shouldn’t even consider making a Gibbs mask as he was in enough trouble as it was.

Spotting immediately that the guy walking out of the elevator was SO wearing a mask!

Everyone stopping in their tracks when Palmer held that eye up to the scanner and it opened the door to MTAC. Whoa!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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