LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES “Zuma Canyon / Silver Lake” Review

LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES "Zuma Canyon" Episode 9

LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES Season 1 Episodes 9 & 10 “Zuma Canyon / Silver Lake” – It’s been a long time coming for new episodes of LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES, and NBC has been promoting the heck out of the return of the show. So much in fact that it almost seemed like a new series premiere. Nope, instead what we got were two new episodes – “Zuma Canyon” and “Silver Lake”.

In the initial episode “Zuma Canyon” fans were prepared to loose a member of the team, and speculation on the internet was that Detective Winters was going to meet his demise. Well, it’s true. Rex Winters is no more (which was not overly surprising).

In “Zuma Canyon” we open on a quinceanera being crashed by men in masks and automatic weapons. The men end up killing eleven people total, three of them children (there is nothing that’ll make you more somber than seeing, even in a TV show, a child laying dead in a crime scene). This prompts the writers to make Winters a character that we’re going to miss – he returns home and checks on his kids.. whom we’ve seen once in the rest of the series.

Winters and TJ talk to Alcazar, the man that the gun shots were intended for, and in true Law & Order fashion, find the clues (and use GPS image imbedded coding along the way) that lead them to the bad guy, Cesar Vargas. The detectives find themselves lead to a marijuana field where Winters is promptly held at gun point by an eleven year old kid named Fernando.

After confronting Vargas at a barbeque (because it’s always great to confront a suspect in public), Vargas later ends up shooting Winters during a dinner with his family. Winters dives in front of a bullet intended for his daughter, and is killed.

Enter DA Morales who can’t build a case against Vargas because of the the consulate giving the killer sanctuary and transport back to Mexico. Morales goes against DA Hardin and the State Department and puts Fernando on the stand to testify to Vargas’ crimes.

Unfortunately, Fernando is killed right before testifying and Vargas is set free. Morales leaves the DA’s office and returns to the police force.

Which then brings us to “Silver Lake” which is where Morales is given the chance to prove that he’s an awesome detective. He and TJ are investigating the rape and murder of a small boy and his mother, and the detectives (well, Morales) finds a connection between past victims through stereo equipment. With descriptions of the rapist from victims, Morales identifies him as a Secret Service Agent – Raymond Garson.

Morales (this episode may have been called the Morales show for everything he did in it) interviews Raymond who waves his right to counsel, but Morales ends up not being able to use the intel that he got from the interview as it crosses a legality line.

Eventually the husband of our initial victim provides DA Dekker with text messages that ultimately put Raymond behind bars.

Personally, I think that Law & Order should have stopped with “Zuma Canyon”. The first episode of the series return was exciting, fast paced, and interesting. “Silver Lake” felt like it had all been done before, even down to the text messages that Dekker used.

Regardless, I’m still happy that Law & Order: Los Angeles is back in business, and am looking forward to seeing how Morales fits in with TJ and the rest of the police force.

What say you? What did you think of the Law & Order: Los Angeles return?

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