CASTLE “The Dead Pool” Review

Castle (ABC) The Dead Pool

CASTLE “The Dead Pool” Season 3 Episode 21 – I always loved Brendan Hines on Lie To Me, but I never felt like he got enough screen time. So it was great to see him on a different show, playing a new character and though he didn’t get a lot of screen time in this episode, it was pivotal.

Hines plays Castle’s mentee and at first Castle is quite enamored with his little Padawan and very willing to show him the ropes of the writing game. He even brings him to the precinct to meet Beckett. That’s where things start to go awry as Beckett quickly becomes quite enamored with him as well.

Needless to say this doesn’t make Castle very happy at all, so he then goes about trying to keep the two of them apart. Taking Alex to his card game was classic. The poor guy thinks he’s being invited to a major inside event, only to discover that he’s been brought there for some major hazing instead.

Beckett is no fool and figures out exactly what he’s doing and I did love that she got Castle to come right out and admit it. Not that they really touched on anything romantic, but still. It was very sweet that he went ahead and told her he was jealous and that she agreed to be a Muse for only him.

Great episode and the only thing I kinda missed was the lack of Esplanie action. Not that I want to see them running off into closets all the time or anything like that, but a little interaction between them would’ve been nice.

My favorite bits……

Martha and Alexis’ description of Castle’s writing process.

The look Becket gave Castle when he said “He’s a writer, how much trouble could he possibly be?”

Beckett trying (and failing) to look innocent when Castle asked her what she’d been looking at when the swimmer walked away.

Castle pointing out that there weren’t a lot of LOLs in Bridget’s texts.

All of the little noises Castle made when Ryan was reading off Bridget’s brothers’ rap sheet.

Wondering just how Castle knew that steroids came in little bottles like that. Hm?

Trying really hard, as an Irish woman myself, NOT to laugh at the idea that Ryan was used in a leprechaun toss (I mean why else did he come back that ruffled?)……and failing miserably.

Not being able to help the fangirl squee and clapping that escaped me when Alex (Brendan Hines) showed up on screen.

Beckett immediately taking to Alex’s idea about the case.

Alexis’ guess on what the punishment for Muse stealing would be.

The look on Castle’s face when Beckett commented that Alex was funny. Haw!

The captain and Castle discussing how much they enjoyed watching Beckett in interrogation.

The super sneaky way that Castle got Alex to cancel his plans with Beckett. LOL.

Loving the little tribute they put in for Stephen J. Cannell.

The way they moved the camera down into the water when Beckett arrested the killer. Nice effect.

Beckett picking up that Castle didn’t want Alex spending time with her.

Beckett saying that she thought Castle getting jealous was cute. Awwww!

Esposito and Ryan taking Alex under their wing. LOL.

Esposito asking if it was weird that a dude could be a Muse. Actually I think it depends on who the writer is….cuz most of my Muses are men. LOL.

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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