BEING HUMAN “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You” Review

Being Human (SyFy)  “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”

BEING HUMAN “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You” Episode 13 – A secret breaks things down like bile, dark and corrosive. It’s time for the truth… I want you to know what you were to me… So Josh begins this final episode of BEING HUMAN. Aidan was horrifically wounded by Bishop. Sally returns home to find her door missing, completely gone. Nora has decided to keep Josh’s child, but is not thrilled with the idea of Josh being involved.

The roommates are headed on a course to disaster.

Sally discovers that she can now touch things. Aidan is slowly recovering but Bishop wants to settle their “differences” like men—well vampires and fight it out. A plan that neither Josh or Sally agrees with and they both desperately try to talk Aidan out of it. Of course, they have no intention of letting Aidan fight Bishop. They have a plan, Bishop has set the fight for the night of the full moon. Josh and Sally plan to lure Bishop to the hospital room when Josh “changes”. Only, he’s been double-crossed—in a way.

Set against the present storyline is the tale of how Josh and Aidan met. How they decided to work on Being Human together. Aidan saved Josh from Marcus (I still hate that guy!) and helped him get the job at the hospital, and worked on the idea that they could live a normal life, no matter who they were.

I am not even sure where to begin with “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”. What a way to end the season of the best show to debut in years. It moved from one heart-stopping moment to the next. I barely had time to catch my breath before we were served up another moment, touching, full of angst or violence, but all so perfectly balanced that it went by in a flash of breathless suspense until the final moments and the credits rolled.

As the show built towards the climactic battle between Bishop and Aidan, the threads of each character were woven into the whole. I wholeheartedly believed that Josh would be the one to fight, that Sally was on his side and their plan would go through as planned. I should have known better. They’ve thrown curve balls before, and I should have expected this one. Even so, I was left gaping at the television. Sally’s bravery shows how far she’s grown since she first met the guys. Aidan finally facing Bishop and that poignant moment right before… it was another of those stunning moments this show has delivered. What came next? I honestly didn’t see it coming.

Any of it really.

I feel so bad for Nora, and I admire her acceptance of who Josh is and was surprised at how well she took it. The turn her storyline took was surprising, and I wonder now what will happen. I worry about how Josh will face what happened when he finds out. I’m afraid something bad might happen.

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”, was the finale; we have to wait until next season now to know what’s going to happen with those scratches on Nora’s forearm, and the elder on the doorstep. I spent a lot of the last week worrying about this episode. So many shows end on cliffhangers that leave viewers at a point of feeling a little used and abused. That ending that is so harsh that you have to watch the premiere just to get the taste out of your mouth. Being Human didn’t do that. They left the perfect amount of suspense hanging in the air, without beating us over the head with that killer of a cliffhanger. It’s hard to do, and it just shows the amazing talent that the show has brought together.

I have seen, as I’ve reviewed this show, it being referred to as “the U.S. version of the UK hit series”. The time has come to let that go. SyFy’s Being Human deserves to be judged on its own strengths, and it has so many. Not only have Jeremy Carver and Anna Frike adapted this into a wonderful show, but the actors have brought it to life. I think it’s often forgotten that no matter how amazingly brilliant a creator or writer of a series is, without the right actors it’s nothing. The greatest lines spoken poorly mean nothing, the simplest word can bring you to tears from the right actor. Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington and Mark Pellegrino made Aidan, Sally, Josh and Bishop into real believable characters—people I wanted to know better, people I love and hate, people I am going to miss until next season.

I can’t believe how much I’ve come to love this show. How invested I’ve become in the story and the characters. For me tonight is bittersweet, we have answers, but there is also a wait. A long wait, until I see my roommates again. I’ll miss them. I think I will pass the time between now and the premiere eating kale (my favorite green!), becoming a supernatural Krav Maga crime fighter and doing my best at Being Human.

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