BEING HUMAN “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You” Review

Being Human (SyFy)  “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”

BEING HUMAN “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You” Episode 13 – A secret breaks things down like bile, dark and corrosive. It’s time for the truth… I want you to know what you were to me… So Josh begins this final episode of BEING HUMAN. Aidan was horrifically wounded by Bishop. Sally returns home to find her door missing, completely gone. Nora has decided to keep Josh’s child, but is not thrilled with the idea of Josh being involved.

The roommates are headed on a course to disaster.

Sally discovers that she can now touch things. Aidan is slowly recovering but Bishop wants to settle their “differences” like men—well vampires and fight it out. A plan that neither Josh or Sally agrees with and they both desperately try to talk Aidan out of it. Of course, they have no intention of letting Aidan fight Bishop. They have a plan, Bishop has set the fight for the night of the full moon. Josh and Sally plan to lure Bishop to the hospital room when Josh “changes”. Only, he’s been double-crossed—in a way.

Set against the present storyline is the tale of how Josh and Aidan met. How they decided to work on Being Human together. Aidan saved Josh from Marcus (I still hate that guy!) and helped him get the job at the hospital, and worked on the idea that they could live a normal life, no matter who they were.

I am not even sure where to begin with “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”. What a way to end the season of the best show to debut in years. It moved from one heart-stopping moment to the next. I barely had time to catch my breath before we were served up another moment, touching, full of angst or violence, but all so perfectly balanced that it went by in a flash of breathless suspense until the final moments and the credits rolled.

As the show built towards the climactic battle between Bishop and Aidan, the threads of each character were woven into the whole. I wholeheartedly believed that Josh would be the one to fight, that Sally was on his side and their plan would go through as planned. I should have known better. They’ve thrown curve balls before, and I should have expected this one. Even so, I was left gaping at the television. Sally’s bravery shows how far she’s grown since she first met the guys. Aidan finally facing Bishop and that poignant moment right before… it was another of those stunning moments this show has delivered. What came next? I honestly didn’t see it coming.

Any of it really.

I feel so bad for Nora, and I admire her acceptance of who Josh is and was surprised at how well she took it. The turn her storyline took was surprising, and I wonder now what will happen. I worry about how Josh will face what happened when he finds out. I’m afraid something bad might happen.

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”, was the finale; we have to wait until next season now to know what’s going to happen with those scratches on Nora’s forearm, and the elder on the doorstep. I spent a lot of the last week worrying about this episode. So many shows end on cliffhangers that leave viewers at a point of feeling a little used and abused. That ending that is so harsh that you have to watch the premiere just to get the taste out of your mouth. Being Human didn’t do that. They left the perfect amount of suspense hanging in the air, without beating us over the head with that killer of a cliffhanger. It’s hard to do, and it just shows the amazing talent that the show has brought together.

I have seen, as I’ve reviewed this show, it being referred to as “the U.S. version of the UK hit series”. The time has come to let that go. SyFy’s Being Human deserves to be judged on its own strengths, and it has so many. Not only have Jeremy Carver and Anna Frike adapted this into a wonderful show, but the actors have brought it to life. I think it’s often forgotten that no matter how amazingly brilliant a creator or writer of a series is, without the right actors it’s nothing. The greatest lines spoken poorly mean nothing, the simplest word can bring you to tears from the right actor. Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington and Mark Pellegrino made Aidan, Sally, Josh and Bishop into real believable characters—people I wanted to know better, people I love and hate, people I am going to miss until next season.

I can’t believe how much I’ve come to love this show. How invested I’ve become in the story and the characters. For me tonight is bittersweet, we have answers, but there is also a wait. A long wait, until I see my roommates again. I’ll miss them. I think I will pass the time between now and the premiere eating kale (my favorite green!), becoming a supernatural Krav Maga crime fighter and doing my best at Being Human.

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  • I love this show!! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe how much I love it! I am so happy SyFy took the chance and aired it!

  • Pat

    I was totally surprised by Sally “double crossing” Josh. It makes me wonder why she did that – how did Aidan convince her to do that? I wonder how Josh felt afterward? He seemed to deal with it ok.

    The prediction made by someone (sorry, I’m bad with names) that Nora would lose the baby was spot on – although I wish it had not happened. Josh/wolf peering at her from under the door broke my heart.

    And, I totally agree that it is time to stop calling this the American version – it is a totally different show at this point, with each character taking different paths than in the the British version. Maybe we could consider them alternate universes – it is the SyFy channel after all.

    And, on that topic, I have been, in general, very disappointed by many of the SyFy original movies, but their TV programs seem to be much better quality. Being Human, Haven, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary – all on my list of must watch tv when new episodes air!

    • Anonymous

      Oh that moment when he was looking under the door! It broke my heart! It was one of those moments that really just touched my heart.

      I love your idea of this being an AU (hey American Universe LOL) of the British one. There will be similarities, of course, but it’s time to let it be it’s own show.

      I know what you mean about the SyFy movies, a lot of them aren’t awesome. Although I will admit a secret guilty bad monster movie affliction. I love those cheesy “Sea Beast” “Ice Spiders” et al movies, they remind me of the equally bad movies of their kind from the 50s.

      Here’s hoping we make it until next season *sigh*

      • Pat

        ROTFLOL…. I’m old enough that I watched the cheesy 1950s movies when they showed them on tv in the 1960s…. Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (the original version) anyone? And, yes, the cheesy movies have their unique entertainment value, but sometimes I just think after I have watched one that I just wasted 2 hours of my life…. I’ve taken to doing paperwork during them so I don’t feel so guilty.

        • Anonymous

          Attack of the 50 foot woman is a classic. I like the awesomeness that is The Monolith Monsters–or have you seen Monster on Campus? I really think SyFy should hit those scripts for remake, especially the Monolith Monsters. Killer rocks from outer space that can only be killed with salt water…. Sounds like mini series material… I do work while watching too, it covers the guilt, but deep down inside, I admit it, I love cheesy sci fi. And hey, wouldn’t it be cool to just once be “poor hapless guy/gal” who has a body part wash ashore and set the whole thing in motion?

          • Pat

            ROTFLOL… ok, I have to admit to not ever having seen Monolith Monsters or Monster on Campus – or at least I don’t think I have – I will need to look those two up!

            And, ok, it seems we might share a fantasy – although mine is more along the lines of meet alien dude, fall in love, go away on his space ship… (note, I am happily married for almost 31 years, so it is just a fantasy….). I will note, though, that the hapless person that finds the thing washing ashore/falling from the sky usually ends up dead…. my fantasy lets me live. 😎

            • Anonymous

              Oh you have to look them up. In fact, Ive often thought of writing a blog on “The Worst movies you MUST see”. Some, of course, are actual “classics” like Them and The Wolfman. Others, though, like Monolith Monsters, Monster on Campus, Tarantula (with John Agar and Clint Eastwood in what I think is his first speaking role), Earth versus the Spider (the 50s version) oh I could go on! And I will say SyFy does approach some of its movies with that same tongue in cheek, serious but not feeling. *looks to makes sure no one sees* I even watched SyFy’s Megashark versus Giant Octopus or whatever it was–the one with the shark eating the plane. Really, they are worth watching for Camp value if nothing else.

              • Pat

                ROTFLOL…. I see we could have a fun weekend watching each other’s favorite bad movies… 😎 I usually reserve my watching of bad SyFy original movies to ones that have actors or actresses I love. And, as it turns out, there are a bunch of ’em….. Then I like to read the comments made by the actors or actresses about the film. Now *that* is funny!! 😎

                • Anonymous

                  I don’t know if you watch Supernatural, but one of my favorite games it the “spot the SPN location and actor”. The SyFy movie Ogre was not only shot on at least five recognizable locations but of the ENTIRE cast only two had not been on SPN. Seriousy… we should have a movie weekend.

                  • Pat

                    Oh, yes, I am huge Supernatural fan! The game I like to play is spot the actor from another sci fi show or movie, but I also like watching for locations I have seen, mostly in Stargate SG-1 since they are both shot in Vancouver. My next trip to Vancouver will be a “find the location” trip. 😎

                    And, now I will put Ogre on my list…. 😎

  • I honestly was disappointed by the finale. There was so much potential, but it just didn’t end up being that exciting. I definitely think that one of the reasons might have been that my expectations were based on what the UK version did in the first season finale. Also some of the “surprises” were lost on me since they happened in the UK show. But maybe if I didn’t know the UK version I might have enjoyed it more.

    And I keep saying how much I love this show, but I have to disagree, it’s still the remake of the UK show for me. While they tried to differentiate themselves from the original show and succeeded in some areas, the finale was heavily inspired by the original finale, except it wasn’t as good.

    Also I still feel the relationship between Aidan, Josh and Sally is not as close as the one between Mitchell (vampire), George (werewolf) and Annie (ghost) in the original. I think this was illustrated by the fact that the door had to disappear in order for Sally to stick around, but Annie made the choice to not walk through that door in order to stay with her friends.

    Again I’m not saying that Syfy didn’t create a great show, I just think that for the people who have seen the original version, it will always come second.

    Which brings me to my next point. Everyone who loved this show and hasn’t seen the original must see it. Here is why:

    1) There are no more episodes on Syfy, so why not get your fix of Being Human with the one that started it all.

    2) If you liked this one, you’ll definitely enjoy the UK version at least as much. Everything that you loved from this show is right there.

    As for me, even though I didn’t love the finale, I am looking forward to Season 2 because even though I do criticize parts of it, I did fall in love with this new version of the show and is one of my new favorite shows 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the finale Muffy!

    • Anonymous

      One of the reason’s I have purposefully avoided the UK version while reviewing was to give the show a chance to be its own show–not suffer from a comparison. I know several people, loyal viewers of the UK version who love this SyFy’s Being Human as well. I think my point was it’s just time for people to give it a chance, rather than continually referring to it as a remake. Whenever a show crosses the pond, either way, there will be overlaps. But I guess I am more sensitive to it, because this is “my” show. But I haven’t seen The Office continually referred to as a remake of a British show, or and of the numerous others there are.

      And for those of us who haven’t seen the UK version, the surprises were surprises. Since I was seeing it through those eyes, I went with my experience. As far as the closeness of the roommates, again, in some ways it might be a function of chemistry, or it could be a conscious choice of the writers. I’m not sure on that one.

      There will always be die-hard fans of a particular TV show or movie that while they are fond of the different version, that first love will color all else. I have movies and shows like that. I know I worry about SyFy attempting Red Dwarf. But, maybe it would be awesome. I’m not sure I would give a remake of Firefly a chance, but then again, maybe I would.

      I am might embark on Being Human UK over the summer. I’m not sure, because I will have the odd experience and this might seem sacrilegious to UK Being Human fans, but since I have seen the US version first, the UK version will feel like the remake. LOL

      I’m looking forward to season two, I’m super glad you are too. I hope more people come over to the US side and give it a chance as well!

      • Obsessed with HT

        There’s a potential Firefly remake? I did not know that. Makes no sense, they should just continue the original if the stars align (actors and Joss’s schedules all align).

        • No Firefly remake in the works, Muffy was just giving an example 😉

        • Anonymous

          Sorry about that–I was just taking my most favorite show ever as an example. Didn’t mean to cause a heart attack. I actually heard that a favorite show from my youth is being optioned at it is terrifying me… Oh dear.

      • I definitely think you were right not to watch the UK version at the same time you were watching this. It probably made the whole experience more enjoyable.

        I think the reason why Being Human is still referred as the remake of the UK show is because it’s still very much based on it and is only in its first season. The Office was definitely referred to as a remake of the UK show when it first started, but it evolved beyond the original by introducing different characters and having now 7 seasons (the original one only had 2 and a Christmas Special), I think it has earned its independence. And yet, I still once in a while think of it as a remake.

        And let’s not forget that when the US version of The Office launched, the UK one was already over. With Being Human, Season 3 UK was shown at the same time as Season 1 US. There are bounds to be comparison between the two.

        As for the UK version feeling like the remake, I totally agree. Of course it’s going to feel that way, because you’ve already seen a version of the story. But I honestly think you might be pleasantly surprised the way I was pleasantly surprised by the US version (and trust me I had my doubts).

        If you do end up seeing it, I would love to hear your thoughts coming from the US first, it’s bound to be an interesting experience 🙂

  • Obsessed with HT

    Hmm… I’ve been reading bits about the British version. I could predict stuff from this episode and I’ve never seen the other series. I feel like maybe they’ve followed the other series pretty closely but a few of the changes seem like they might help majorly change the story? I hope they start straying from the original soon. I can’t stop myself from finding out things like Mitchell dying in the fourth season. I’m like, going to dread that possibility from here on out….

    • Anonymous

      I know how you feel, it’s tempting isn’t it? I really think as the characters grow their own ways it will have to deviate. Things happen that way. Even with the best intentions of the writer. I always remember what Tolkien said about how Strider was never supposed to be at the Prancing Pony. I think that as Being Human on SyFy grows into it’s own, it will become more and more it’s own show.

      And Aidan won’t die. NO. Not listening *whistles*

    • Yuuzan

      From what I read the maker of the show plan to go their own way from this point out. I consider this a good thing because only at that point can you stop comparing the remake to the original. Personally I enjoyed the 1st season of the UK original better than this one, but it is entirely possible that from now on I will enjoy the US remake more since it can now create its own story instead of just putting turns and twists on the original.

  • Obsessed with HT

    Two interesting notes to add.

    The first episode Aidan handed Josh Josh’s Jewish Star necklace, during this one Josh handed it to Aidan.

    And some of the lyrics to the song playing at the end:
    “And so, Sally can wait
    She knows it’s too late as we’re walking on by
    Her soul slides away
    But don’t look back in anger”

    Nice touches to bring it full circle.

    • Anonymous

      Those touches are what made this show for me. And believe me, it has been a long long time since I was glued to the TV with quite this enthusiasm. I look forward to the next season, although it looks a long way off right now.