6 Reasons Why “McAbby” Could Happen [NCIS]

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After writing my article about why I didn’t think Tiva should happen on NCIS, I found out a few things. First of all, there’s more people out there who agree with me than I thought and secondly, some of you guys seem to have gotten the impression that I’m somehow a cold, unromantic person (which made me sad).

Actually I consider myself to be very romantic. I’m just not usually one for having romance thrown into the TV shows where I go for my action. Maybe I’ll change my mind someday (and let me just say that Deeks and Kensi are slowly working on that for me over on NCIS: Los Angeles), but for now that’s how I feel.

However, I will also say that reading all the comments on my last article made me realize that there are times when I find romance on action shows okay. That is, when it involves somewhat secondary characters – like Hodgins and Angela on Bones or Esposito and Lanie on Castle.

I’d love to be able to throw McGee and Abby into that mix as well so I thought I’d play devil’s advocate here for a bit and toss a few votes out there for those who’d like to see a little romance on NCIS.

So here they are, my reasons why I think “McAbby” could happen.


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Listen, I love Abby and McGee, I really do. But loving them doesn’t mean that I can’t admit that they aren’t the leads on this show.

Compared to Tony and Ziva, Abby and McGee are secondary characters and that is one of the reasons I think a relationship between them could work. It could easily sit in the background and not become the focus of the show. We could go entire episodes without hearing about it at all and yet it would be around for those who want to see a little inter-team romance.


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Unlike Tony and Ziva, Abby and McGee have already shared a romantic relationship. Heck (as we all are very aware) they even did it in a coffin, for goodness sakes.

So there’s none of the shock that comes from adding a romantic pairing on a non-romantic show, because it’s already happened.


Okay sure, right at the beginning of their relationship McGee got a little needy but other than that, I can’t think of any other instance where Abby and McGee’s relationship had any real drama in it.

They casually got together and slowly floated apart, without any yelling or throwing of heavy objects. Because of that, I think that if they did decide to pursue a new relationship, it would go just as smoothly.


Whereas Tony and Ziva have tons of baggage to climb over in order to have a relationship together (think Mount Everest, only taller), Abby and McGee would already be starting from a healthy place.

They had a short-term romance that ended nicely and they’ve managed to stay good friends. Sure we see teeny tiny bits of what might be deemed jealousy from them when the other starts dating someone or shows an interest in someone, but I really have seen that as nothing but each of them making sure that the other is happy and with the right person.

It’s that kind of caring that they show for each other that I think could make them a good couple again.


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No matter which side of the fence you fall on when it comes to the debate about a romance on NCIS, you gotta admit that McGee and Abby are cute together.

Barring that part of a season a few years ago where McGee became unbelievably snippy, they’ve both been adorably funny – together and separately. Abby pretty much makes me giggle any time she’s on screen and McGee can do that to me a lot, too.


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Okay I might be stretching it with this one but think about it – McGee may be a field agent but Abby is always ensconced safely in her lab.

That means no awkward moments on stakeouts where they try to sneak off for a little nooky and get caught by Gibbs, or no instances where they’re so distracted by each other that they miss a shot in a firefight.

Sure they can see each other every day but the fact that they wouldn’t be working across the room from each other would go a long way in their favor.


Well there they are, my reasons why I think that a McGee/Abby relationship could work on the show. Once again, I’m curious to see what you all think so feel free to sound off in the comments.

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