UNITED STATES OF TARA “The Full Fuck You Finger” Review

UNITED STATES OF TARA The Full F.. You Finger Season 3 Episode 3

UNITED STATES OF TARA “The Full Fuck You Finger” Season 3 Episode 3 – Trust Kate to turn the Japanese earthquake tragedy into an example of how the world is trying to totally trying to ruin her life.

Kate left for Japan twice in this episode. Once she was impeded by the earthquake. The second time the idea of Mongolian prostitutes riding on a mattress stuffed with her dead corpse halted her dreams of teaching English in Japan. Of course Kate would not end up actually going to Japan-she’s an integral part of the show. But why let this arc, which was used to fantastic effect last week, flop with such resounding crappiness this week? If this is how the episode was going to end, why have Kate dream of going to Japan at all? Why not have her trying to get a job in someplace like Hooters-I’m sure her parents would have objected just as strongly, and we would not have had to sit through not one, but two inane attempts to flee Kansas for Japan.

Meanwhile, Max’s mother walked straight off the set of Hoarders. She’s racist, anti-Semitic and afraid of the outside world. This whole storyline sort of went nowhere. I like the idea of exploring Max’s back story, but this, like the episode as a whole, was pretty flat. The best part of Max’s story and the episode as a whole lasted about ten seconds: Marshall asked his father if he ever thought of leaving. Max said nothing at all. It’s a sad testament just how much Max respects Marshall that he won’t lie in order to comfort him.

Tara has to help plan Charmaine’s baby shower, which brings out both Alice and T. Buck also makes an appearance in a dreadfully clumsy way so that the show can promise a resolution on the events of last year’s finale. Charmaine and Tara bickered. Charmaine’s water, in a genius shot, broke just as T got herself into a minor car crash in the supermarket parking lot.

Do you think the title was directed at the audience? That’s certainly what watching this episode felt like.

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