THE SIMPSONS “The Great Simpsina” Review

THE SIMPSONS The Great Simpsina Season 22 Episode 18

THE SIMPSONS “The Great Simpsina” Season 22 Episode 18 – One of the greatest things about The Simpsons is the way it segues into the main storyline. This week the Simpsons family went peach picking, which lead to Marge going crazy with all peach food, which had Bart and Lisa desperately scheming to distract their mother while they got rid of the evidence.

To get rid of the peaches, Lisa heads into a seedy neighbourhood where she is attacked by a raccoon and flees to the home of the Great Romando. Lisa convinces him to enlist her as his apprentice. The creepiness of the grown man hanging out with an eight year old is quickly taken care of when Romando compares Lisa to the daughter he and his lover were never able to have.

Sure, there was a standard sort of hero journey employed here as Lisa unwittingly betrays Romando when she is fooled into revealing his great milk can escape trick to a boy who pays attention to her, and then Romando finds it in his heart to forgive her, but it was well done and entertaining so it hardly mattered.

Altogether, it was a lovely episode of The Simpsons with an unusually poignant, ambiguous ending as Romando sucks in a few lung fills of ether and finds himself dancing with his deceased love. Did he die, or was he hallucinating? Because it is a family comedy cartoon, I’ve always been surprised when The Simpsons delves into the emotional territory. It does so sporadically, but when it does it’s as powerful as the climax of a movie.

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Some of the better one liners:

“Hehehe, masseuses, the half doctors, half hookers who solve everything.”

“Lisa, don’t feel bad. Judas betrayed Jesus but he still got paid.”

“I can’t stand to see one of my female children unhappy.”

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