THE KILLING “El Diablo” Review

The Killing 'El Diablo'

THE KILLING “El Diablo” Season 1 Episode 3 – We pick up straight after the discovery of the ‘cage’ in episode 2, a space in the school’s basement which is now used by schoolkids as a place to party (complete with booze and drugs). Linden notices a peephole in the wall which leads them to the janitor (who has a history of child abuse but also has an alibi) and he, in turn, leads them to slacker drug dealer Kris Echols.

There’s no hard evidence to link Kris to Rosie’s disappearance, though, until a video showing him and Jasper having (possibly non-consensual) sex with Rosie on the night of her death surfaces. Could they be the murderers? It seems a little too cut and dried.

Let’s not forget that we never actually see Rosie’s face on the video, nor are we sure that the blood found in the cage belongs to her (although it is the same blood type). Is it possible that this is another victim entirely? There are ten episodes left to the series, so surely there are more twists and turns to come.

There were two characters (and possible suspects) that really grabbed my interest this week. Detective Holder is seeming more and more like a good guy who, despite his carefree and somewhat abrasive nature, is a more competent cop than Linden believes him to be. (That’s assuming that his weed really was NarcScent.) Campaign manager Wright was outed as the person who leaked Councilwoman Yitanes’ support of mayoral hopeful Richmond to the press. His reaction to being ‘found out’ wasn’t pretty but it did make me think – Richmond’s adviser, Gwen, controlled that whole reveal. Could she have hacked into Wright’s account and sent the email?

Mention has to be made here of the amazing acting by Brent Saxton and Michelle Forbes as the grieving parents. Their scenes are absolutely heartbreaking in their authenticity. The bath scene where Forbes’ Mitch Larson breaks down after trying to figure out what it must have been like for her daughter to drown was truly painful to watch.

As dark and gloomy as The Killing is, it’s compelling viewing. After just three episodes I’m utterly hooked and eagerly trying to piece clues together to find the killer. What about you, dear reader? How are you finding the show? Do you have any suspicions or theories? Let us know in the comments below!

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