THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Ship’rect” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW Ship'rect Season 2 Episode 19

THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Ship’rect” Season 2 Episode 19 – Tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show has Cleveland and his friends entering Stoolbend’s annual boat race in an attempt to win free beer for a year.

The guys put together a shoddy raft with foot paddles to enter the race and start practicing, but their team falls apart after Cleveland meets his Stoolbend idol, Barry Shadwell. Cleveland turns into a blubbering fan boy and makes every attempt to get into Barry’s life. Barry invites Cleveland to join his team for the boat race which puts Cleveland in a tough position to choose between his friends and his idol. Luckily Cleveland can rely on the advice of Daryl Hall and John Oates who are the angel and devil of Cleveland’s conscience. Their bickering was hilarious and their input ultimately sways Cleveland to decide that nothing really matters and that he should do whatever he wants.

Cleveland has a funny fantasy about a football themed wedding between Roberta and Barry’s ex-stepson, Larry, and he becomes determined to get the two to meet. Roberta is only interested in meeting Barry Shadwell in the hopes that it would promote her acting career, so when she shows up to Barry’s house with her demo tape and realizes that Cleveland was trying to set her up with Larry she flips out. I’m happy that Cleveland and Barry decided to watch her demo tape anyway, because I loved her take on ‘Til Death and it was a funny jab at the sitcom.

After falling out with his friends over joining a competing boating team, Cleveland spends all of his free time with Barry living a spoiled life. Cleveland stumbles to his front door drunk and as he’s about to go inside Barry kisses him. Cleveland Jr. had witnessed the entire thing and every moment of Cleveland Jr. tormenting Cleveland over the kiss was hilarious.

I can understand Cleveland being distraught after being unexpectedly kissed by another man, but I was surprised that Cleveland hadn’t turned to Terry for his input. Terry wasn’t involved in the boat race so they were still good friends on speaking terms and Terry had come out to Cleveland just a few episodes prior when he married his boyfriend, Paul. They dealt with some of Cleveland’s homophobic issues then so it seemed strange to be starting from scratch again here. It’s probably because this episode was originally scheduled to air last year and got bumped, but it still threw me off a little bit to have Terry totally absent as Cleveland was figuring out how to cope with being kissed. The rest of the episode hints back and forth between Barry really being gay and not being gay and ultimately Donna is the one to tell Cleveland to get over his illogical fears and get on with the boat race.

Barry and Cleveland’s absurd boating terminology was pretty funny and somehow they were able to understand one another to win the race. Barry ends up moving out of town because things got too awkward and the two of them agree to be friends without benefits. Thankfully, Cleveland’s old friends are easy to please and the free beer for a year coupons that Cleveland won are enough to repair their broken friendships, returning everything to normal.

Throughout all this, Rallo has a funny but very minor subplot where he’s forced to stay home from school because he’s sick. This subplot seemed arbitrarily thrown into the mix, and the story doesn’t really go anywhere, but it allowed for some funny gags.

I can’t fault The Cleveland Show for the change in this episode’s scheduled air date, but the plot probably would have worked better if it had aired before the “Terry Unmarried” episode as it was originally intended. The episode was still fine on it’s own, but it became one of those minor continuity things that I couldn’t stop thinking about once it crept into my head. Overall, not a bad episode of The Cleveland Show and there were plenty of chuckle worthy moments to make it fun.