THE CHICAGO CODE “Wild Onions” Review

THE CHICAGO CODE Wild Onions Episode 8 (5)

THE CHICAGO CODE “Wild Onions” Season 1 Episode 8 – It’s one of the hottest summers in Chicago and hot weather leads to a rise in crime which means the police force is stretched thin, so thin that the Chief of Police decides to take on a drug store robbery herself.

The drug store robbery was not the worst idea, but Colvin’s “something like that” cool-as-a-cucumber line was just missing Horatio’s sunglasses and wink. Her new driver is a cool character whose only problem is his totally unrealistic dedication to his job-dedication as in he does not sleep. The Chicago Code would get a lot more exciting if he turned into a Cylon. How awesome would that be?

The lecture Wysocki gave Evers about promising to get the guy who killed a kid’s father was just awfully redundant: of course Evers made a mistake. He knew it the moment it slipped out of his mouth. Does Wysocki really need to pound the guilt into him with the whole orphan shtick? And why would Wysocki guilt Evers into making his CI count?

“His mom probably wrote his name on his underwear, want me to check?” Really Evers, do you really want to check? Or do you just want to “take some of that action.”

Only the sinister undertones to Delroy Lindo’s performance kept his role from turning into another corny role as he makes sure his constituents are keeping cool in the heat, enlisting Liam’s help to do so. Liam saves a granny and gets a job for fifty grand a year working for Gibbons. I’m not sure what happened to not talking over the phones in case they’re tapped. I’m also not so sure where Liam’s ability to see through Gibbons’ bullshit disappeared.

I’m afraid The Chicago Code has become a straight up police procedural. I thought there was hope for this Shawn Ryan series, but for every tense moment of Vonda slowly and walking up the dark stairs in the projects, there’s another of Isaac pausing while cuffing a struggling suspect to look up and ask how she’s feeling. It wants to be less like The Shield and more like Grey’s Anatomy with guns, which is fine, but the writers are not Shonda Rhimes and the lame dialogue is helping no one: soap, Vonda? Soap?

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