MAD LOVE “Paw and Order” Review

Mad Love (CBS) Paw and Order

MAD LOVE “Paw and Order” Episode 8 – In this episode Kate takes care of her boss’ dog and we discover that she’s one of those people who loves animals but they just don’t seem to love her back. Ben thinks that she’s upset because she has decided that if she can’t take care of a pet then that means that she won’t be a good mother someday. He of course reassures her to the contrary, only to find out that she really did only mean pets. I have to admit, I loved that. I totally expected the predictable ending of her admitting that the problem was baby-related and I got a good laugh instead.

Meanwhile Larry decides that he wants Connie’s new policeman boyfriend to reverse his traffic ticket and the way to do it is to become the guy’s friend. Connie doesn’t like this at all, though (no surprise here) it turns out that her jealousy towards Larry hanging out with Dennis had nothing to do traffic tickets. Now that Dennis has actually said the words out loud, we know that Connie at least is thinking about it. I wonder what it will take to get Larry to do the same?

My favorite bits..

Finding out that the animals on Kate’s farm used to run away from her. Oh, ouch.

Ben getting into a tug-of-war with the dog using Kate’s bra.

Actually believing Dennis for a second there when he joked about wearing cowboy boots and jean shorts. Though I did want to gouge my eyes out at the image it brought to mind.

Larry having trouble putting the words “Connie” and “boyfriend” in the same sentence together.

Larry’s fantasy where he got the better of Dennis, made the other man admit that he was better sexually and even got a key to the city. That’s some fantasy.

Ha! I totally knew that was a line from Die Hard.

Totally agreeing with Connie about the “powder my nose” line, which is why I never use it. Not that I announce I’m gonna pee either, like she did. LOL.

Ben trying to convince Kate that the dog was “purring” at her. Yeah suuuuure.

Larry smacking Ben for admitting he wants to have kids with Kate someday. You know what? I think that Ben should have totally smacked him back. That’d be one way to get him to stop, right?

Poor Larry having no idea what his “six” was and how to mind it. LOL.

Everyone realizing they had the right dog when it growled at Kate.

“There’s no such thing as stupid tickets, only stupid idiots.” – Har.

Dennis realizing that Connie had been a little too disappointed that Larry had only befriended him to get out of a ticket.

What did you think of this episode of Mad Love? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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