HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ma Ke Kahakai” Review

HAWAII FIVE-0 (CBS) Ma Ke Kahakai

HAWAII FIVE-0 “Ma Ke Kahakai” Season 1 Episode 20 – Usually the guys get cases from people like their superiors, or the governor, etc. But in this episode they quite literally fell onto one. Well, at least Steve fell on it; Danny just kinda stood back and watched. I gotta say that I did enjoy that whole sequence – from the two of them bickering (as always) as they climbed the hill, to both also then turning serious when things got serious and the way they each kept telling the other to be careful. Great bonding stuff and I loved it.

Plus, the fall leaves Steve out of commission for a little while, giving Chin and Danny a chance to work together a bit, which is always fun, too.

Now I’m assuming that Steve getting hurt must have been a set up for Alex O’Loughlin to be in a cast in this episode (and the next as well, judging from the previews), though I haven’t yet been able to find out why. Perhaps one of my fine readers will know.

Meanwhile Chin has to face his family when their auntie is on her death bed and finally we find out what happened when he got kicked off the force. I have to say that I pretty much suspected it was something like this all along. I didn’t know why he was keeping it a secret but I knew there was no way that Chin took the money he was accused of stealing. I just wonder now that his aunt is gone, if he and his uncle will be able to mend things and also if the rest of the family will find out what Chin sacrificed to help her.

My favorite bits..

You know how you can tell when Danny is mad at Steve? He calls him “Steven.”

Danny saying that he and his dad had the Yankess while Steve and his had deep sea demolition classes.

Even without seeing the preview clip from this episode, I was still nervous the moment Steve started his climb back up that rock.

Okay, ow. Like seriously, ow! That fall looked like it really hurt.

The fact that both Steve and Danny kept hollering at each other to be careful. Aw.

You know, as someone whose had a broken arm (much worse than Steve’s though), it was pretty hard to watch him splint that himself. Eek.

Steve warning Danny that he wasn’t going to catch his ass if he fell.

Danny grumbling at Steve to “eat another donut” while he pulled him up the cliff. LOL.

Danny signing “I love you” when Steve was being lifted into the chopper. OMG that was classic.

The super awesome jump that Chin and Danny made on to a moving boat.

Cracking up at Chin’s expression during this bit: Groves: “Can’t search the boat without a warrant.” Chin: “Really? Watch.”

Chin’s uncle shaking his hand. Aw.

Wondering, like Kono, if Chin getting kicked off the force had anything to do with the fight between him and his uncle.

Kona picking Steve up from the hospital with a car full of ice. Hey that’s good for a broken arm, right? Lots of ice?

Kono pulling over and finally getting the true story of what happened when Chin was thrown off the force.

Steve pointing out that he couldn’t put his arm into the smelly bucket of fish because he couldn’t get his cast wet.

Danny getting Steve back by wiping his hand on Steve’s shirt.

Danny and Steve standing outside Rutherford’s house in silence for about five seconds before deciding that the guy was probably running.

Thinking the images from the infrared camera looked like something out of a horror movie.

The little boy giving the rope to Kono. So sweet.

Danny’s jealousy that Steve let the pretty girl sign his cast but not him.

Kona using a table cloth to get some attention from the pretty girl himself.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • BarbiAnn

    Enjoyed this show and enjoyed your review of it. One bit I enjoyed was the insight into SteveO’s emotional life at the beginning, as he spoke of his memories of hiking with his dad and how everything in his life has changed but the scenery. His respect and love for his island home was nice to see and hear too. As much as DannO hates the island SteveO loves it. Another contrast that works. I even enjoyed the tutorial on the petroglyphs. Don’t they say that Hawaii is the 5th character? It showed last night.

    • Anonymous

      I loved what you said about Hawaii being the 5th character and you’re right, it totally showed in this episode. I have been enjoying learning little bits about the island from this show and will admit that I was pretty clueless about a lot of it before.

      And yes, the contrast between Steve’s love and Danny’s hatred of it works really well. For Steve the island represents good memories of things he loves but for Danny it’s a place that he was forced to move to in order to be close to his daughter. It was not his decision and that makes it even harder for him.

  • Ichi

    What an awesome episode! Beautiful scenic shots, action, character development, witty lines, and justice in the end! I love this show!!

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! :o)

  • I thought it was great when Steve said “thank you brother” as he was being lifted up to the helicopter. I think that’s why Danny signed “I heart You”.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, there’s no doubt that’s why Danny did it.

  • I thought it was a great episode.. Especially the hiking scene.. it is a beautiful place, Hawaii, yes it is.. Steve and Danno, was great.. Chin and Kono was emotional.. letting Kono finally know that it really wasn’t him.. that it was the uncle. You gotta do what you gotta do for family. I especially loved that part!! Loved the entire episode. Thanks for DVRs…

    • Anonymous

      I agree! :o)

  • Mamastubbs

    Did everyone miss the classic LOST reference in the words of Chin (Jin) “What Happened Happened”

    • Anonymous

      OMG yep, I totally missed that! *facepalm*

  • Anonymous

    Loved this episode, my favorite part was at the beginning when Steve was remembering when his father took him hiking there, the look on his face along with gorgeous scenery was breathtaking! The scene with the rock falling on Steve’s face was painful to watch, even knowing that was not real, well done!

    • Anonymous

      Yes that whole opening sequence was awesome. As for the fall, I knew it was coming from the preview last week so the fact that it still made me gasp just shows how well they filmed it. Wow and ouch.

  • Lots of Hawaiian references in this episode…petroglyphs, poke and loco mocos. Well balanced story between advancing the storyline and the procedural part. Great episode!

  • Lots of Hawaiian references in this episode…petroglyphs, poke and loco mocos. Well balanced story between advancing the storyline and the procedural part. Great episode!

  • Pat

    Finally watched my tape last night – what a great episode! This one just continues the wonderful bromance between Steve and Danny!

    That fall – ouch is right, I’m pretty sure that is gonna leave a mark….. 8-(

    The ice thing with Kona – he sells shaved ice, right? So it was for his business, I assumed.

    The cast signing – it looked like it already had a lot of signatures…..

    IMHO, this show just keeps getting better……

    • Anonymous

      LOL! I love that you mentioned the bromance. I just so happen to be working on an article about bromances on TV today and those two are high on my list. Stay tuned, the article should be up in about a week or so. ;o)

      Oh yeah, I knew what the ice was for, it still struck me as funny though, for some reason. LOL.

      I noticed that about the cast too. Looks like the show’s (real) cast signed Alex’s cast and I feel for the guy. When I broke my arm and got my first cast, I let people sign it as I thought it was cute. But after seeing what it looked like after (especially after one person drew a horse on it as a joke, since I fell off a horse) I didn’t like it so much. It looked really silly to me so when I got a new one (I had multiple casts and surgeries) I never let it get signed again. I wonder if Alex will feel the same way. LOL.

      Totally keeps getting better! I can’t agree more.