CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff” Review

Chuck "vs the Family Volkoff" (NBC)

CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff” Season 4 Episode 20 – When a meeting between Chuck and Vivian Volkoff goes awry, the team must enlist the aid of Alexei Volkoff in order to prevent the CIA from carrying out their mission and assassinating Vivian.

Meanwhile, Casey tries bonding with his daughter. Sarah gives Chuck some pre-nuptials to sign, but unlike every other episode of Chuck, Chuck is not dying of curiosity to find out why Sarah insisted of pre-nups and Sarah actually seems open to revealing yet another gem from her deep dark secret. Casey and Sarah had a lovely-if totally forced- moment with their thematically overlapping family issues.

Ellie and Awesome get down to some spy work when they suspect Ellie’s mother has been deleting files from the computer Ellie’s father gave her. Ellie’s mother is reluctant to allow her to delve into the Agent X files, but those in the highest echelons of the CIA have ordered for Ellie’s work on her father’s computer to continue uninterrupted. I love that Awesome’s walkie-talkie name is “Six Pack”.

Vivian leaves Volkoff with a broken heart which is arguably deserved-he did pretty much abandon her in order to rule hs evil empire. Vivian, feeling betrayed by daddy and Chuck, tries to wipe out her major enemies in one blast. Of course this does not work, but it provides some nice emotional material so Timothy Dalton can give the ole’ talk about putting friends and family first as he’s being wheeled out Hannibal Lector style.

The episode ends with Chuck getting a taste of his own medicine: “Ellie just lied to me. My sister’s never lied to me. Not cool.”

I wonder what the writers are planning for the conclusion of Ellie’s arc. Is the endgame for Ellie simply finding out about Chuck’s identity, or is there something more in store for her? I was thinking that they might be setting her up to become a new Intersect, but that would seem awfully redundant.

I really liked this episode of Chuck: a lot of things have been moved in place for the end of the season, the first half was thankfully not used as comic relief as is sometimes the case.

Some cool moments in the episode:

The prenup Sarah and Chuck signed at the end of the episode was so ridiculously sweet.

It’s amazing how well Daft Punk and Uno with Somalian gunmen go together.

Chess board and big guns. Possibly the nerdiest moment on Chuck.

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