UNDERCOVER BOSS “Baja Fresh” Review

Undercover Boss “Baja Fresh”, Season 2 Episode 20 – Having just eaten at “Baja Fresh” on Friday night, it was a great coincidence that tonight’s episode of Undercover Boss focused on this popular restaurant. David Kim, the CEO of Baja Fresh, was actually a really likable guy. I’m not exactly sure how to put my finger on what made him such a relatable guy, but I honestly think a big part of it is that it wasn’t another middle-aged white guy. I honestly can’t think of any other boss that we’ve seen on this show that hasn’t been white except for on “City of Cincinatti”. I don’t mean any offense against white people or anything (I am white, after all), but with just about every CEO on this show being a super-rich, white businessman with a giant office and house, it’s refreshing to see a CEO who works out of a cubicle and has a regular sized house. It just makes you immediately like the guy more.

I brought up this point on my Survivor review, but it applies here as well. To me, regardless of how you feel about God and religion, it’s still admirable to me that somebody can be so faithful and open about their beliefs and religion on national TV. Praying with a co-worker who’s having a difficult time in his life is an impressive display of faith no matter what religion you are, in my opinion. CBS seems to be the only network that’s willing to discuss spirituality and religion, and even though I know that it may upset or offend some people, religion is a huge part of millions of lives. Editing it out of shows like this one really just works to sterilize and dumb down the interactions, while having the guts to include it really adds another layer of depth to an otherwise very pedestrian TV show.

The rest of the show was pretty standard. It was nice to include David’s visit with his dad, although it really just brought down what was an otherwise inspiring episode. We already knew that his dad had a terminal lung disease, so do we really need to see the decrepit old man talk about how he’s lost 50% of his lung functions? What a downer.

Thankfully, Jose’s prize was there to bring the episode back up. That’s got to be the biggest prize ever given to an employee in this show’s history! I was racking my brain trying to think of a bigger prize, but I really couldn’t. Can you?

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Random Thoughts:

– I wish I was Korean, dude. This guy looked like he was in his early to mid-thirties at the most, but he had to have been in his late 40’s or early 50’s since his kids looked so old. I used to work at Coldstone Creamery, and my manager was Korean and looked about 20 years younger than he really was.

– Mental note: Don’t order the avocados if I’m eating at the Baja Fresh in Mesa, Arizona.

– It was weird not having David reveal to the whole company that he was on Undercover Boss, but I wish we had more info on how Jose’s restaurant is doing!