FAMILY GUY “Tiegs For Two” Review

FAMILY GUY (FOX) "Tiegs for Two"

FAMILY GUY “Tiegs For Two” Season 9 Episode 14 – This episode of Family Guy was wildly inconsistent, starting out with a first half that tried so hard to insult with the usual racist stereotype (this time Washee Washee, a crazy Chinese man who works in a dry cleaners and gets in a fight with Peter) and a Michael J Fox gag which felt as long as Shoah and was just as funny. My philosophy (if I may be so freaking pretentious) about comedy is pretty much what comedians everywhere have iterated time and time again: there is no limit to how far a joke can go, so long as it’s funny. The first ten minutes of this episode was one big WAH-WAH.

Peter’s visit to the dry cleaners and his feud with Washee Washee was completely unrelated to Brian’s pursuit of political activist Denise (voiced by 90210‘s Jessica Stroup). I mean sure, Brian got Peter out of jail after Peter tried to steal his shirt (it wasn’t his shirt) back from Washee Washee’s house and Peter turns Brian on to Quagmire’s motivational “How to get laid class” but these two story lines felt like two different episodes awkwardly mashed together.

As I said, the first half was awful, the second half not so much. Maybe it was a case of being better by comparison, but I enjoyed the last half marginally more (with the exception of the Lord of the Rings beacon moment, which, along with the owl dinner party, was clearly just a case of “crap, hold do we fill five more minutes of airtime?”). There were some good one-liners thrown in there, the main story about Quagmire and Brian stealing one another’s dream women was as entertaining as it was utterly clichéd but really, I just got a kick out of hearing Drew Barrymore’s (who, I’ve never realized, sounds an awful lot like Anna Faris) best ditzy impression.

Some of the better moments in the episode:

Peter: “I take picture of Ang Lee!”
Washee Washee: “Good! He do too many white movie anyway!”

Megatron: “I’m taking this from a robot who turns into a canoe?”
Other Transformer (whose name I do not know): “When there’s a battle on a gentle river you’ll want me.”

Fat Chick: “Sassy! You’ve got me sweating above and below my ass. Let’s go, lover!”

Stewie (on finding out the Fat Chick’s name was Bettina): “Ooh, that’s way too fancy a name for her. Her name should be Fub. Or Oof.”

Brian: “You just think you know everything, don’t you! You’re like a black woman in hindsight!”

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