CSI: MIAMI “Caged” Review

CSI: Miami “Caged”, Season 9 Episode 19 – CSI: Miami tried to take a leaf from the regular CSI‘s book by bringing back a “recurring” villain this week in “Caged”. One big difference: Dante Kroll had never appeared on an episode of CSI: Miami to my knowledge. But hey, at least they tried, right?

Speaking of the opening scenes, how about Kroll’s curb stomp on that poor guy that he car-jacked? While it wasn’t a proper curb stomping, he still stomped on a dude’s head! Are we allowed to show that on TV now? I’ve always found it so ironic that the most popular shows on television are all procedurals like this one that predominantly feature people being brutally murdered by sadistic psychopaths. Whenever I tell people that they should watch shows like Dexter or Breaking Bad, they’re always horrified that I’m recommending shows that are so violent and dark. When in reality, the stuff that is “acceptable” to show at 9PM on national TV like the CSI or Criminal Minds shows have stuff that’s as bad if not worse than anything you’ll see on the edgier cable TV shows. Anyway, just thought I’d share something that’s been on my mind for a while.

The heist in this episode was actually kind of cool, although it definitely did borrow from a lot of famous heists films (Oceans Eleven, Bandits, The Dark Knight). Not that I expect a CSI show in its ninth season to a be a paragon of originality, but I guess it’s better to have a cool heist scene that’s a rip-off as opposed to a lame heist that may be more original.

As this ninth season winds down, I hope we get some more exciting episodes like this one.

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Random Thoughts:

– How about all of those first-person camera angles in the opening scenes? Remember how awesome it was when they did that in the movie “Doom”? Yeah, me neither.

– It cracked me up when Horatio and Eric ran into the vault when Kroll was robbing it, and Horatio yells “There’s no way out!” right before Kroll runs directly into an elevator that takes him safely to the arena floor. Apparently “There’s no way out!” was meant more as a menacing war cry than a statement of fact.

– Why does Horatio cock his head to the side 45 degrees when he’s aiming down the sights of his gun? Don’t cops have to take annual check-ups to make sure they’re still licensed for firearm use? How does this guy pass? He always either uses one hand or cocks his head like a dog. He’s got some weird technique going on.