AMERICAN DAD “License To Till” Review

AMERICAN DAD License to Till Season 6 Episode 15 (2)

AMERICAN DAD “License to Till” Season 7 Episode 15 – Tonight’s episode of American Dad has a Pygmalion feel as Roger bets Klaus that he has the ability to turn Steve into one of the cool kids. Of course, turning Steve into one of the popular elite is going to take more than a She’s All That style makeover and Roger knows he has his work cut out for him.

Roger’s ideas for what it would take to make Steve cool are all completely ridiculous and every plot backfires hilariously. First it’s the size 14 high tops and kielbasa sausage in Steve’s pants that end up getting him attacked by a service dog. Then Roger tells Steve to beat up someone weaker than him and, because Steve is a total dolt, he beats up a girl earning him no cool points. Finally Roger decides that the only way Steve can possibly be cool is for him to be the first Freshman to drive, but since Steve is only 14, he’ll have to settle for a farmer’s license to drive a tractor. At first this idea fails too and Roger tries to make it up to Steve by being really creepy and rubbing his finger between the cleft of his chin. I don’t know why, but watching Roger doing that totally made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

As dumb as all those cool kids were, it was nice that none of them were willing to drive under the influence of alcohol. Roger is the only one at the party who doesn’t realize when he should not be operating a vehicle and in a quick and gruesome motorcycle crash scene, we’re reminded of exactly why you shouldn’t drink and drive. Steve’s tractor driving abilities finally come in handy when he can tow the group around from party to party and, much to Klaus’ dismay, Roger wins the bet for the night.

Intoxicated by his new found popularity, Steve is a total jerk to Snot and his friends until Steve loses a lens and is unable to drive the tractor turning the popular kids against him. Snot comes to the rescue with a backup lens he had promised to keep for Steve and the two return to harvest the talking cabbage crop as they had originally intended. Other than hearing H. Jon Benjamin play the part of a talking cabbage, most of the farming bits were forgettable although Barry and Toshi had some pretty funny lines. By the time they got back to Uncle Solomon’s farm, the crop was ruined and the tractor was out of gas, but it didn’t matter because as Snot put it, ” Family comes and goes. Kids you’re in school with are forever.”

The subplot in this episode of American Dad actually gave me the most laughs. Stan confuses Francine’s desires for spontaneity as a request for surprise pranks. His first prank of popping out and scaring Francine was pretty funny, but I loved that after she explained that she wanted a romantic surprise, he set up flowers, candles and a bubble bath only to jump out of the tub and scare the life out of her. The pranks escalate as Francine gets in on the action. Every time she got Stan to scream and curl up into a cowering ball, I laughed out loud. I really liked that Francine ended up being good enough at Stan’s own game that he was in a constant state of paranoia. It gets to the point where they call a truce, which of course, Stan violates.

Overall, this was a really funny episode of American Dad. Steve and Roger’s characters were used well in a typical teen comedy scenario and although Steve doesn’t have what it takes to be popular in high school, his friendship with Snot, Barry and Toshi is way more funny anyway so I’m glad he’ll always be uncool.