GENERATOR REX “Haunted” Review

Generator Rex

GENERATOR REX “Haunted” Episode 30 – In this week’s episode of Generator Rex, Rex consults with his brother, Caesar, to come up with a scheme to get Claire and Annie snuggled up to him and Noah on a double date. They decide to set up a fake haunted house that would make Rex and Noah look like tough guys but what they end up getting, is a giant invisible EVO and two girls that are fascinated by Caesar’s scientific abilities instead.

Caesar is a crack up and the more he talks, the more normal he makes Rex look. I love his character and I’m happy that he seems to be part of the regular crew now. His dialogue is wonderfully written to really make him seem like an oblivious science freak, but he’s so smart and funny when he does it, that he’s also totally cool. Most of the gibberish coming out of his mouth makes little sense to the average non-science geek, but you can feel his excitement every time he talks about anything scientific and it’s contageous.

Claire and Annie aren’t your average girly-girls either, so when they’re presented with an opportunity to go for a ghost hunt in a haunted building, they’re excited to be able to play with the EMF detectors and other geeky toys. I really like Claire and Annie – they’re both really smart and they’re super cute without being snobby or boring. It’s no wonder Rex and Noah are interested in spending time with them, but they’re clueless as to how to woo girls like that. Having the four of them running around in a spooky building kind of gave me a feeling of an old Scooby Doo episode. I liked that Noah was acting really tough and cool until Rex flat out told him that the stuff happening wasn’t a result of his tricks anymore at which point, Noah’s face soured.

Rex had a pretty cool battle with this EVO that was invisible for most of the episode. With the scientific know-how of his date, Rex was able to get the EVO to become tangible although it would occasionally return to a mist form making it difficult to fight. I really liked that both Claire and Annie were ready to help in the fight as much as they could and that they didn’t run away and hide even though this was a dangerous scenario. Although Annie didn’t bring her bad luck with her into this episode, it was a pretty funny moment when she – of all people – decided to snuggle up with the black cat that just moments ago was a dangerous beast.

This ended up being a really fun episode of Generator Rex and it was nice to have Claire and Annie return as female characters that are feminine, smart and brave without necessarily having super abilities or feeling like they need to compete with the guys to be taken seriously. I hope we get to see more of them both in the future. If I learned anything from this week’s episode of Generator Rex, it’s that girls dig science geeks. Ok, maybe not just that, but still, it was hilarious to have the girls asking Caesar a million questions at the end of the episode instead of clinging to Rex and Noah like they had planned. Totally fun.