CHAOS “Song of the North” Review

CHAOS (CBS) "Song of the North" Episode 2

CHAOS “Song of the North” Season 1 Episode 2 – When a North Korean diplomat, Song, accidentally makes a show of support for action against his own country, the ODS team is sent in to convince him to defect. But Song refuses; his wife will be killed if he defects and leaves her in North Korea. So Rick promises him that his wife will be brought to the US.

Of course, this is easier said than done – especially as the ODS don’t have permission for the mission. They go ahead with it anyway and face off against mounting obstacles such as Song’s wife wanting to bring her sister’s family with her, a change of plans which will take them over the border into China, and Song himself refusing to allow the new plan to go ahead. Everything works out in the end, though, and Song and his wife are reunited for their new life in the US.

As far as television writing goes, this wasn’t exactly sophisticated. There’s a task, a few obstacles fall in the way, the team quickly navigate around them and it wraps up on a happy ending. Chaos is shaping up to be a series that is engaging to watch because there’s a fun group dynamic and, forgive me for being un-PC, the guys are cute. It’s not a show to be taken seriously.

We’re introduced to a new character this week – Adele Ferrer. She seems to be Director Higgins’ assistant/right hand gal, even though we were lead to believe in the pilot that Fay Carson fitted that role. Fay was back for one scene and there was no mention of her new relationship with Rick. Hopefully she gets more to work with next week.

The best part of the episode for me was the talk about who the guys would die for. They each chose a woman, Billy somewhat reluctantly, and it was just a cute piece of bonding banter. I’m curious about Billy’s choice though, Olivia Drummond, the woman with whom his relationship is ‘firmly sealed under order of Queen and country’. With a juicy line like that we’re bound to meet her at some point, aren’t we?

In summary: a fun episode that leaves me wanting more.

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