CAMELOT “Guinevere” Review

CAMELOT "Guinevere" Episode 3

CAMELOT Episode 3 Review – What I learned from the episode “Guinevere” of CAMELOT – an essay (sort of):

A.) I do not know as much about the King Arthur legend as I thought. I understand that there isn’t one difinitive telling of the story, and what Camelot is is just another version. Still means I thought I knew a lot about it that I really didn’t.

B.) Guinevere was not the pure chaste little thing I thought she was! I need to pull out my books and read up on her again.

C.) Morgan is probably my favorite character that I’ve seen in a TV show in a long time.

That being said in this week’s “Guinevere”, Guinevere’s lands are attacked and she retreats with her cousin and father to Camelot. Leontes asks the king if the three can stay, and against Merlin’s initial response, Arthur agrees.

Mainly because he’s in love with Guinevere and why not have her under the same roof? It comes back to him, however, when Merlin suggests having Leontes and Guinevere’s wedding at Camelot. Arthur isn’t thrilled, but what can he do?

While Igraine and Guinevere (who is having second thoughts about her marriage because of her feelings towards Arthur) plan her wedding, Leontes and Kay leave to find Gawain (minor break in the recap for a fangirl moment: Ladies, he’s BEAUTIFUL!) – a fighter that Leontes had met up with a few times in the past. He belives that Gawain will be a great addition to Camelot and to Arthur’s army.

Meanwhile, Morgan is plotting and sends a servant to bring Arthur and Merlin back to her castle. Arthur agrees (again, against Merlin’s orders) to see his sister, thinking that he can unite his family again.

Long story short, Morgan gets both Arthur and Merlin really, REALLY drunk (Merlin more so drugged, but who’s keeping track?) and Arthur ends up leaving to go back to Camelot in the middle of the night because of a dream he had about Guinevere.

Morgan, after restraining Merlin, shows him the powers that she has and how she can transform herself into a child; and ignores Merlin’s warning of not messing with the forces that she’s been, well, messing with.

Arthur is back at Camelot and sneaks (creepily) into Guinevere’s bedroom to ask her to meet him by the beach. In her defense, she does say no, but ends up going anyway. There’s much talk of “No we can’t, I’m marrying Leontes…” but that lasts about two seconds before they’re rolling around on the beach together with Guinvere’s defense that “It will just happe this once”.

Okay, fine, she slept with the king because she doesn’t think she loves the guy she’s supposed to marry. HOWEVER, then Arthur, at the request of Leontes, oversees their wedding! Granted, I’m not sure how, as the king, you say no to something like that, but it still felt wrong to me.

Regardless, Leontes and Guinevere are marriend (I never knew THAT happend, let me just go there for a second), and no one is Camelot is happy.

So ends the recap of Camelot.

Now that that is all out of the way, I freaking LOVE this show! I don’t know what it is about it, but I love the story, I love the sets, I love the casting hoices…although in my head Arthur has dark hair, but that’s just me being a nit picker.

I think that, as the third episode of the series, that story wise the writers are brining Camelot around really nicely. It’s not too much for an audience to handle, but it is enough to keep us engaged. And hey, I’m even learning things as I go, which is never a bad thing.

I can’t wait for next week – how about you?

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