BLUE BLOODS “Model Behavior” Review


BLUE BLOODS “Model Behavior” Season 1 Episode 19 – Okay so you what I said last week about how it didn’t come off weird that Danny’s wife was inadvertently made a part of a case when she was kidnapped? That, even though they had Erin attacked by a crazy rapist and Frank shot in other episodes, it still worked last week to have the action ramped up by another family member getting involved? Remember all that?

Yeah, well, this time it didn’t. Look, I get where the writers are coming from; us fans have been very vocal about the fact that what we love most about this show is the interaction between he family. That does not, however, mean that family members need to continuously get involved in cases. Counting the ones I’ve mentioned above, that’s already three episodes where a family member somehow gets dragged into a case. Actually it’s four since I nearly forgot about the time that Nicky was in the car with Danny when he responded to a murder and she got out and saw the dead body. This time it’s three family members at once when Erin, Linda and Nicky are there at a fashion show to see their niece/cousin collapse into a coma and another woman die of poison.

It’s all getting to be just a bit too much and it’s making the show confusing to me. Is it a crime show? Is it a family drama? The problem with last night’s episode was trying to be a bit of both and it didn’t work, at least not for me. I’m just hoping that it gets back to normal next week.

My favorite bits..

Linda crossing herself when she admitted she was returning the dress the next morning.

Linda silently pointing out to Erin that it had been two years, when her sister tried to claim that Nicky had blossomed “overnight.”

Henry mentioning how in his day he used to pull his guys out of bars and now Frank was getting reports of them texting behind the wheel. Yep, they have changed.

Danny telling Jackie that they probably should just let the assistant go, considering his track record with a “certain person at DA” and that they would probably let her go anyway. LOL.

Jackie saying she knows all about the Dorian kid (aka the Adam Lambert wannabe) because of magazines at her salon.

Thinking that maybe Erin and her sister shouldn’t be arguing in the room where a poor girl was lying in a coma.

Danny calling Jamie “Harvard” and thanking him for explaining why Father McMurray was being sent away.

Not being at all surprised that Danny decided to take a side, unlike the rest of the family (and me), who could see both sides of the debate about Father McMurray.

Linda admitting to her sister that she had been trying to impress her with the fancy designer dress.

Frank finding a way to help Father McMurray stay.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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