THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Know Thy Enemy” Review

The Vampire Diaries

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “Know Thy Enemy” Season 2 Episode 17 – Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD, GUYS. My review for this episode was going to be little more than a rant about the sacrifices on this show (more on that below) but that final scene just– oh, my god. Klaus is now in Alaric? On the bright side, I no longer have to complain about him being an impotent hunter. On the brighter side, awesome. (He needs a nickname. Alaus? Klauric? Leave your suggestions in the comments, guys.)

I shall now sandwich the bad between the two really good parts of this episode. I’m starting to have a massive problem with the women on this show and how they sacrifice. Hear me out. We’ve spent the better part of a season with Elena wanting to sacrifice herself to save her friends and family. Now that we’ve reached a point where she’s not about to go and throw herself onto Klaus’ weapon of mass destruction, we have Witchy B wanting to sacrifice herself.

I get it, I do. It’s nice of her and it makes her badass and it amps up the tension (and there’s little I love more in this show than emo!Jeremy), but it’s just so boring now. Who’s going to sacrifice herself next? Kickass Caroline? Jenna the Liability?

Speaking of, what’s going to happen with her? Elena can’t exactly say ‘by the way, Isobel really is dead now’. But then poor Jenna’s boyfriend is now an ancient vampire, so I suppose explaining Isobel’s disappearance is going to be fairly low on Elena’s ‘to do’ list. I’m glad Isobel is gone though. Her character always felt extraneous.

But back to the good – Kickass Caroline and The One True Human. (I know, I know, these nicknames are way too long.) I was getting all psyched up to complain about Matt being mindwiped when HELLO, he apparently wasn’t. That was awesome enough, but then we see he’s talking to MamaCop! She knows (again) that Caroline is a vampire and both she and Matt feel as though ‘their’ Caroline is dead.

This could be dangerous for Caroline. Unless Matt and MamaCop realise that she is the same girl they both knew and loved, the Founders’ Council may soon have another vampire in their sights. Fingers crossed they wise up soon!

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