Sara Rue and Barry Watson Talk MY FUTURE BOYFRIEND

The present and future collide in ABC Family’s upcoming romantic comedy MY FUTURE BOYFRIEND, airing Sunday, April 10. Sara Rue plays Elizabeth Barrett, a newly published romance novelist with a day job writing for an alternate newspaper. Barry Watson is Pax, an archaeologist from the year 3127 who finds a copy of Elizabeth’s novel ‘Forbidden Love,’ and is fascinated by it since love and lust have no part in his utopian society.

Pax travels back in time to 2011 to learn about these alien concepts from Elizabeth, who in turn decides to write an article about his life in the future. Things get complicated when the more time they spend together, the more time they want to spend together.

Daemon’s TV was there when Sara and Barry talked about their characters, how you get great chemistry, and working with Valerie Harper and Fred Willard.

On joining My Future Boyfriend

Barry was the first to agree to star because he loved Pax the moment he read the script. “I loved everything about him and I thought he would be a fun character to play for a month.” While he had never met Sara, he approved when her name came up as a potential co-star. “I remember when Sara’s name came on board and I thought she would be great. I was familiar with her work and I thought she would be perfect.”

Sara loved the script, calling it “so cute.” She explained that she heard Barry had said she would be great for the role and teased, “He had spoken up for me, which was flattering, so I thought, ‘Well, I have to take the part now because Barry is pretty much demanding it.'”

On Pax

You’d expect that since Pax is from the future, he would know about all there is to know, but everything in our time is foreign to him, so Barry said he brought his inner child to work every day in showing Pax’s wonderment. “With Pax, he comes into this world and he’s like a child. He comes from this utopian society where nothing really really exciting happens and nothing really really bad happens, so he’s like a kid in a candy store being able to experience all these different types of people he’s never met before.”

The role was as much fun as Barry had thought it would be when he first saw the script. “Who wouldn’t want to play someone completely innocent and so new to this world he’s come into that everything is like a discovery? It was like being a child again. It was fun that even when I wasn’t working I would do things the way that I thought Pax would be like and sort of see things for the first time; looking at things the way Pax does in this movie.”

When you’re watching Pax, you should know there’s a lot of Barry in him. “I think there’s a lot of me in Pax, whether I knew it before I took the job. I think for Pax to be a real character, I did bring a lot of myself into him. I don’t think it really would have worked if I had created this character that was too far away from who I really am.”

On Elizabeth

Sara enjoyed Elizabeth’s romantic streak. “I loved the idea of playing a hopeless romantic, and I think at her heart that’s what Elizabeth is. She writes romance novels and she’s kind of stuck in this wacky day job and basically for her, I felt like her worlds were colliding. She had a job to do and a strange guy comes into her office and she’s assigned his great story and her job was to get the best story and the most information that she possibly could. While she’s doing that, somewhere along the line she sort of falls for him. It is all that childlike innocence that she falls in love with, so it was woven very nicely for those reasons, I think.

The path to true love in movies is never clear, and Sara noted that Elizabeth is her own biggest obstacle. “She couldn’t allow herself to have these feelings for this strange guy from the future, but she was having them. It was fun for me to play someone who loves love and romance but then wouldn’t let herself have it.”

Like Barry, Sara sees some of herself in Elizabeth. “With some of her quirks, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, that looks like me’ and sometimes I wasn’t. It’s weird, like it’s never planned to come out that way, but a lot of her timing is like mine.”

On chemistry

The actors were asked how hard they had to work on their chemistry, and Sara joked, “Well, we were sleeping together pretty much the whole time.” Not to be outdone, Barry deadpanned, “I have a weird man-crush on Al Pacino, so I just pretended she was Al Pacino the whole time.

In truth, Sara and Barry felt lucky to have natural chemistry as soon as they met. Sara said, “I thought we had great chemistry from the get-go. We had never met before we got there, so you never know what you’re going to get, but I thought we were very lucky and instantly had a nice repartee and a lot of improv back and forth. It was really fun.” She paused, and then added, “Actually I did a lot of improv and Barry did a lot of “Uh-huh.”

Barry laughed. “Yeah, I don’t do improv at all. No-it’s exactly what Sara said, I think. You never know what you’re getting into. Sometimes you have the opportunity to meet the person before you start working, but we didn’t have that, so I think Sara got really lucky.”

While Barry was teasing, Sara does feel that she got lucky with this project because their rapport made the shoot one of her favorites. “I just enjoyed going to work every day because we got along so well and it was such an easy, fun shoot. Honestly, I think it’s one of the best working experiences I’ve ever had. Everything just flowed really nicely.”

On Valerie Harper and Fred Willard

Valerie Harper, who plays Elizabeth’s colleague/confidante, had worked with Sara years before when Valerie played one of Andy Dick’s lesbian moms on Less than Perfect, and Sara gushed that it was wonderful to see her again. In fact, Sara wants to be like Valerie when she grows up. “Working with Valerie was so much fun. She was wonderful on set and then on her days off she would say, ‘I walked six miles to the aquarium and toured the whole aquarium’-she walked every day everywhere all over Atlanta and did all these cool things. She is the most vivacious, lively, wonderful, funny, awesome woman. She was just so much fun to be around and our last night, we shot all night and I was worried that she was going to be super-pooped come two or three in the morning, but I think she had more energy and spunk than all of us put together.”

Fred Willard is Pax’s coworker who comes to 2011 when Pax doesn’t go back to the future and Barry joked that he wasn’t as exciting as Valerie. “Fred was great–there’s a big chunk of the first part of the shoot that was just me and Fred and we had very simple conversations. He’s a great guy-almost killed me one day during a stunt- driving scene when we almost crashed into a brick wall going forty miles an hour. I loved the guy. All he basically talked about was the hotel’s apple cobbler because he just loved it. The day he flew back to Los Angeles, I said, “Fred, it was great working with you.’ He just looked at me and said, ‘Man, I’m really going to miss that apple cobbler.’ Couldn’t care less about me-all he cared about was the damn apple cobbler.” Barry did admit that he tried the cobbler the last day he was in Atlanta and it was the best he had ever tasted.

On true love

You can’t talk about a romantic comedy without talking about love, and when asked what making My Future Boyfriend had taught her in that area, Sara said, “Wow, I didn’t think we’d be getting that deep. Trust your gut instinct is what I learned from playing this character who’s forced into this situation with this weird guy and there’s something inside her that’s like ‘Trust him and listen to him.’ Her gut instinct is that he’s telling the truth. I’ve always believed in that when it comes to relationships. Your first instinct is usually the right one, especially when it comes to judging character and letting yourself fall for a good person versus a bad one. I think part of the message of the movie is that she should have just trusted her gut a little more with him.”

Barry agreed and said, “What I learned sort of feeds off who my character was: this innocent guy from the future. I think that as we get older, we get more jaded about love and I think that if people still had that-like Sara was saying-that first instinct and that innocence that gets jaded as we get older. If we could still keep that innocence we have when we’re young and falling in love, that’s real. I think that a lot of us don’t really accept that into our lives anymore.”

My Future Boyfriend premieres on ABC Family Sunday, April 10 at 8pm eastern/7 central.

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