LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT Season 10 Premiere Episode Photos

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season 10 premiere

Check out photos of the season 10 premiere episode LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT Season 10 episode 1 titled “The Consoler” which premieres on Sunday May 1st at 9pm on USA Network .

Law & Order: CI Season 10 Summary: The final season of LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT features the long-anticipated return of Detectives Goren (D’Onofrio) and Eames (Erbe) to the Major Case Squad. Terminated for insubordination a year ago, Detective Robert Goren has been reunited with his long-time partner Alex Eames at the behest of new Major Case Captain William Hannah, a friend of Goren’s since Academy days. In addition to plunging into colorful, dangerous mysteries, Goren has mandatory sessions with brilliant police psychologist Robyn Widrow that will ultimately help him unravel his tortured past, and to chart a course in the right direction. Each week, viewers will be taken through sizzling, sexy episodes of murder and provocative themes, such as: a beautiful female banker whose sole client was the Catholic Church; an adventuresome rogue who may be the country’s best cyber-warrior; a woman who was blackmailing a wealthy, tabloid-fodder “bad boy.”

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