CSI: NY “Food for Thought” Review

CSI: NY “Food for Thought”, Season 7 Episode 19 – As a Southern California native, food trucks are a very prevalent and diverse sub-culture for us, so I was very happy to find out that this week’s episode of CSI: NY would be tackling this new phenomenon with “Food for Thought”. I’m personally a very big fan of The Grilled Cheese Truck, a food truck that drives around Southern California serving gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Oh man, now I’m getting hungry. Let’s get on with the rest of the review.

Over-competitive, dueling restaurants isn’t something new for procedurals, as it was even the subject of this week’s episode of Castle. This episode was a little more unique in that it adds in the whole “food truck” angle, which basically combines all of the possibilities of vehicular crimes with the regular old murder. So that’s…something I guess.

We got something else this week that we don’t often see on a CSI: NY episode: A sub-story that focuses on one of the minor characters. It was nice to learn a little more from Sheldon, although most of his story was a bit heavy handed. It was fairly obvious early on that his new girlfriend was bad news, and it was a little too convenient that he just happened to have his drug test the day after smoking weed for the first time in years. When Lesley-Ann Brandt (The actress who’s playing Sheldon’s girlfriend) left Spartacus to come be on this show, I expected it to be on a recurring role that would last several seasons. However, it looks like her role has a shelf life as it’s obviously having a poor effect on Sheldon and on his work. I’m sure she wouldn’t leave a successful show to appear on this one unless she knew she was guaranteed to work for several episodes, but I really don’t see that as a possibility if her role continues in the way it’s going. But hey, at least she gets to get naked again! Maybe that’s in her contract: “I will only appear in series that require me to be naked at least once per episode”.

With only three more episodes left this season, it will be interesting to see if or how Sheldon’s girlfriend issues get figured out, or if we’ll see any other episodes highlighting one of the other minor cast members. I for one want an episode all about Adam! Who’s with me?

What did you think of this episode? Have you ever been to a food truck? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I like to think that somebody in the lab was thinking “All right! We spent thousands of dollars on a table that can scan and reconstruct pieces of shrapnel into a propane tank! I’m so glad we finally get to use it!”

– Sela Ward was just coming off jealous when she was interrogating the hooker. We get it, you disapprove of your lifestyle, but the girl doesn’t need you giving her pithy remarks with everything sentence. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful, Sela.

– If a couple of dumb frat kids knew about the “Number 3 special”, how does word of something like that not get to the cops?