Rachael Taylor To Return To GREY’S ANATOMY Despite Pilot Filming

She won our hearts as a doctor, and now she’s going to be hardcore as an Angel. But that doesn’t mean that the awesome Rachael Taylor will be leaving GREY’S ANATOMY and her character of Dr. Lucy – at least, not yet. TVLine reports that despite Taylor’s casting in the new Charlie’s Angels pilot, series creator Shonda Rhimes has confirmed that Taylor will indeed return to Grey’s to finish out the season.

So, fans of Dr. Lucy can rest easy until May. As for September? That’s another story. It’s more than likely that ABC will green light Charlie’s Angels for next season, which would (unfortunately) mean that Taylor would be unable to return to Seattle Grace.

What do you think? Personally, I’ve loved having Rachael Taylor on the show and I think she’s been a wonderful breath of fresh air. I’d hate to see her go, as exciting as it will be to see her in another series!

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