NIKITA “Covenant” Review

Nikita (CW) - Covenant

NIKITA “Covenant” Season 1 Episode 17 – Five years ago Nikita and Michael knew how to play nice. Now misunderstandings have them at each other’s throats, first as enemies, then as friends with benefits. Michael uses Nikita to find Kasim. She tries to use Michael to get the black boxes and names of guardians. Michael’s backstory is the main theme running behind tonight’s episode of NIKITA. “Covenant” integrates the main plot of catching Kasim with a constant recap of major points from past episodes. This slowed down the usually fast-moving story line and action that I’ve come to enjoy about Nikita. On the bright side, the show has returned to its initial darker and feisty image of Nikita, leaving behind the CW teen party scene for the time being.

How and when will they deal with the character of Alex? I was confused because we know that she wants to get out of Division, but obviously isn’t yet, since there hasn’t been an attempt on her life. However she is gallivanting around with Nathan. Shouldn’t she be at work, or at least hiding from her fellow agents? And hasn’t Division caught on yet? Or is it just her day off? Do they get days off from killing?

Each time the show returns from a long hiatus the show changes its approach and style. Nikita has transformed from a sly black cat to a seductive “honey trap” to a cat in a honey trap. In other words, tonight Nikita seemed slow to catch on, and a bit off her game. I also found the episode itself to be more of an introduction to the series (for those viewers just tuning in), as well as a segue (with the newly formed Team Nikita/Michael) into the remaining episodes.

Nikita and Michael go head to head with their lies and double-crosses. Finally they are dealing with their relationship and Michael’s past. I liked tonight’s Nikita for the fact that they are talking to each other, and not just pointing guns. I’m surprised that it has taken this long to deal with the issue. Now that it appears they are moving on, the show can move on with the story as well.

Kasim was part of Division, working for Percy! So ironic that Nikita killed him in the end, considering she saved him the first time.

Percy is using Michael, promising vengeance for a scenario that he created! Why did you deceive me, indeed? Michael should have been asking and fuming over Percy, not Nikita. Shane West’s glowering seemed particularly bad tonight, except for his last expression directed towards Percy, which was pretty telling.

So are Nikita and Michael together now? I would have preferred they didn’t have the sex scene so soon, but I can deal with it.

Alex tries to break up with Nathan, but sleeps with him instead. I may have been wrong about moving beyond the party scene. When did they even start going out? I guess it’s implied.

What is Percy planning against the government which he is ostensibly protecting?

New plan: find black boxes, and then kill Percy.

After such a long break, were you disappointed or satisfied with episode 17 “Covenant” of Nikita? Do you like the direction that the show has taken? Comment below.