James Spader, Ray Romano, Catherine Tate Among Possible Replacements For THE OFFICE

Since Steve Carell announced his departure from the hit NBC series THE OFFICE, media outlets and rumor mills alike have been buzzing with speculation on who will take on the challenge of being the new Michael Scott. With only a few weeks left until the Carell’s exit, TVLine has learned that new names have been added to the list of possible replacements: Ray Romano, James Spader and British actress Catherine Tate.

Word on the street is that the three actors will appear in The Office‘s hour-long finale (set to air on May 19) posing as candidates for Scott’s position. As previously announced, they will join guest stars Will Arnett and Ricky Gervais, who will also be in the running for the Dunder Mifflin manager role. And as for those who hoped comedian Will Ferrell would be considered? According to numerous sources, he has no plans to return to the show after wrapping up his current episode arc.

Although there’s much talent to choose from, breaking down the candidates shows that out of all five, only two have a realistic option of being cast in the role. Romano is currently tied to his TNT show Men of a Certain Age, and Arnett recently booked an NBC pilot. However, never say never – The Office is always full of surprises!

Who would you like to see as Michael Scott’s replacement? Can anyone really replace Steve Carell?

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