BODY OF PROOF “Helping Hand” Review

BODY OF PROOF Episode 3 Helping Hand

BODY OF PROOF “Helping Hand” Season 1 Episode 3 – At first the very clinical style of the autopsy room and the way Hunt did her examination, kind of turned me off. I mean there’s a reason I don’t watch actual autopsy shows on The Learning Channel. That stuff is just a little too real for me. Give me the comforting silver drawers and blue smocks of Ducky’s lab on NCIS any day. But now that I’ve watched a couple of episodes and gotten to know the characters and how they work, I appreciate the room and the methods.

I’m not saying I’m gonna go start watching those real autopsy shows anytime soon, but at least it’s a start.

In this episode Hunt struck out on the task of getting to know her co-workers. This happens first off because everyone else on the team seems to know exactly why Bud is in a bad mood except her and also because of their victim. Turns out that the woman was a former patient and while Hunt can remember every detail of the girl’s surgery, she’s disappointed when she realized she doesn’t know a single thing about the girl herself. When she finds out that the girl was inspired by her to do good in the world, that in turn inspires Hunt to try a little harder too.

Her efforts weren’t received well at first but once everyone saw that she was trying, soon she got some to open up, which was great. I am still very much enjoying Hunt’s continued attempts to be a better person and not just be her job. Another thing I’m beginning to enjoy about this series is the soundtrack. I guess I should have known that a series on ABC would have good songs, but I hadn’t really thought about it until they started playing and now I find myself looking forward to what we will hear next.

My favorite bits..

The look Hunt gave Peter when he said that some people might be into business suits as sexy attire. Ha.

Being just as curious as Hunt when Peter and Baker were discussing Bud.

Brumfield getting a kick (and me too) out of Ethan stumbling over the term ‘breast milk.’ LOL.

Hunt smacking Bud when he suggested that their victim might have been doing some other ‘social services’ on the side.

For what should be a pretty dry medical-type drama, I thoroughly enjoyed the police chase and the song they played during it.

The look on the nurse’s face when Hunt ordered her to get her some swabs.

Wondering just how long it was going to take Hunt that Brumfield had totally messed with her when he told her all that stuff about Ethan. LOL.

Bud asking Baker to remind him to boil himself later when he had to lie down on the hotel bed. Ha.

The way everyone acted out the crime scene and figured out where the casing was. Nice.

Peter opening up to Sean about his own past as a foster kid and getting him to turn in his friend.

Again, another nice sequence with the arrest – and a good song to go with it. Love it.

Finding the arrest of the actual killer much more sad.

The last scene with Bud and Hunt bonding over their shared failed (or failing) marriages and her offering to sew up his coat. Aw.

What did you think of this episode of Body of Proof? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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