NCIS “Two-Faced” Review

NCIS (CBS) Two-Faced

NCIS “Two-Faced” Season 8 Episode 20 – After watching this episode I kinda feel like Abby did at the thought of everything changing – I’m all itchy and weirded out and I don’t know which was is up and.and..okay I’m gonna stop there.

First of all, I’ve already made it abundantly clear how I feel about the possibility of Tiva so let’s just say that there was a good portion of this episode was hard for me to watch. When CI-Ray shows up, Tony acts all jealous and then when Tony makes it clear how interested he is in EJ, it’s Ziva’s turn to look all pouty. Honestly I found those bits nothing less than annoying but I managed to get through them with only a minimum of eye-rolling.

Now I know I may have been among the few, but I actually kinda liked EJ the first time we met her. She was quirky and twitchy, sure, but there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. Plus she didn’t back down to Gibbs, which I kinda thought was cool. But this time around it seemed like she was doing everything in her power to be hated. And her attitude towards Gibbs? Not at all cute this time, though I can’t put my finger on why.

As for Ziva’s new beau, we find out that he’s not only with the CIA, but actually the CIA liaison on the P2P case. Now that bit I actually found interesting and I was totally unprepared for Ziva’s reaction to the news. He said he wasn’t allowed to tell her, which makes perfect sense to me but Ziva flies off the handle and then declares later to Tony that it’s ‘over’. Really? Did I miss something?

This is why I don’t like it when there’s too much romance stuff added in to an action-type show. What should have been a really cool episode about a scary serial killer turned into..I hate to say it..a soap opera. And while I didn’t dislike this ep, because it did still have plenty of great moments, I do have to admit that I was a smidge disappointed. Though I am still really intrigued by the case and can’t wait to see where it goes.

My favorite bits..

Totally creeping out at the sight of that doll in the middle of an alley, even before the guy with the knife showed up.

Really digging those boots that Ziva was wearing.

Tony trying to deny that he had a special anything.

Ziva admitting that the reason she never introduced Ray to the team was because he knew all about them. Hey! Not nice.

Will Tony never learn? The moment he starts to say anything about Gibbs he should just go ahead and duck. In fact, I’m surprised he didn’t get a GibbSlap for that one.

Finding out that Ziva’s new beau was CIA. She’s dating a spook? Interesting.

Palmer trying to rationalize that Gibbs was complimenting him by calling him the low man on the totem pole. LOL.

Not missing the continued awkwardness between Gibbs and Vance.

Ray admitting flat-out to Tony that he’s in love with Ziva. Whoa.

Ray telling Tony that Ziva told him that Tony was like a brother to her and not being able to miss Tony’s reaction to that.

Finding out that the killer started in Rota. Wow, that means that if Tony had taken that assignment, this would be HIS case. Interesting.

Tony saying that seeing EJ in his apartment wearing his Elvis Costello t-shirt was gratifying, while finding her at his crime scene was not so much.

OMG I so know how Abby feels and I just loved the hug that Gibbs gave her.

Gibbs refusing to leave his desk (and the rest of the team following suit), while EJ gave her briefing on the P2P. Oh, ouch.

The dangerous whisper that Gibbs used to tell EJ to get out of his chair in interrogation. So. Freaking. Awesome.

EJ telling Gibbs that his method is the ‘old school’ way of doing things? Oh no she di’nt!

Tony telling EJ that her first mistake was not fearing Gibbs.

OMG Tony is so right, there have been a few directors but only one Gibbs this whole time.

Uh CI-Ray is working on the case, too?

The fact that Gibbs took Ziva completely on her word about their suspect not being the P2P killer. Just shows how much he trusts everyone on his team.

Gibbs ordering EJ to leave his team alone (and by “team” he meant Tony). Whoa!

Giggling at Tony’s rhyme about getting a cold. Yeah I kinda figured something was up with Michael’s voice. Nice way to work it into the show.

Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Eyeball in Tony’s drink! Holy crap!!!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Holly

    See, I love Gibbs and have no loyalty to EJ whatsoever, but I thought that she was the grown up last night. As team leader, she is Gibbs’ equal. He was petulent and bratty and completely unprofessional and I was both completely disappointed and embarrassed by his behaviour. The way that’s she behaved wasn’t stellar, either, but after being treated like that (while being lead on the case, no less), I can’t really say that I blame her much. I actually think that she restrained herself quite well; I would have probably visited HR after the interrogation were I in her shoes.

    As I said, I love Gibbs, but I didn’t like him at all last night.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I guess I can see your point but I sure didn’t see it that way when I was watching it. I guess I was a spoiled brat, too, since I just wanted him to get the upper hand on her. I really don’t know what that says about me. LOL.

    • Kelly

      Bless you for saying that Gibbs was out of line. I was screaming at the tv last night while watching is immature behaviour. And I don’t like how the writers had EJ back down to Gibbs. Hey, I love Gibbs as much as the next person, but he went too far. Doesn’t he remember rule 51? Sometimes he is wrong!!! How can Gibbs not like EJ’s interview style when he kept interrupting her everytime she tried to speak? And I just about pitched a fit when he walked up to her and said “stay”. I never knew that Gibbs could be such an ass-hat. If they want to make him a jerk, then by all means, go for it. But write it in a way that aknowledges that he is being a jerk and not Gibbs being right and EJ should know better.

      Oh side note: when Gibbs didn’t move to EJ’s desk for the briefing (and by extension, the team didn’t move either)……douche move. Stop acting like children.

      Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that out of my system and I doubt that anyone else will agree with your/my opinion. 🙂

  • Cheyennejsmith

    I loved the episode, minus the fact that Ziva and Tony act like high schoolers when it comes to people of the opposite sex. That annoys me to no end. I don’t care how long Ziva had been when Ray, if she still acts like that towards Tony then she obviously doesn’t really like Ray, otherwise she wouldn’t care if Tony had a significant other. I loved Gibbs’ reaction to EJ, and I too liked EJ the first time we saw her. Now I hate her guts. She had no good part to her. She was just an annoying little brat. I honestly don’t see what Tony sees in her. She doesn’t seem like his type to me. Did you hear that the eyeball is from someone we know? Pauley wrote that on her twitter. So, while I have absolutely no interest in Tony and EJ’s dating life, I can’t wait to see everything that happens with the p2p killer.

    • Anonymous

      “.. otherwise she wouldn’t care if Tony had a significant other.”

      Which is precisely how I feel! Every time those two act jealous that the other has found someone, it just annoys me. I don’t know how to take it. Are we supposed to believe they are in love or what? It’s just confusing.

      “So, while I have absolutely no interest in Tony and EJ’s dating life, I can’t wait to see everything that happens with the p2p killer.”

      Me too! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I didn’t see Pauley’s tweet (as I was too busy writing notes while I watched the ep, to be on Twitter, LOL), but I have heard about it of course. Hmmm….that does sound intriguing and a little scary, too. That whole part of this story is what I’m looking forward to, the rest of it be damned.

  • Wingless

    I really really don’t like TIVA. I don’t want to use the word hate…but I kind do hate TIVA. But see, yesterday you saw them doing a lot of that. Me, though, I see it as being protective. Tony doesn’t want Ziva to get hurt and vice versa. I know it looks more like jealousy, but that’s how I’m gonna see it. On the other hand, the producers might just want to satisfy the needs of all those tiva worshippers….and they are a lot!

    And about EJ… Same here. I thought I liked her. Not anymore. Stop taking away our Tony! Haha. Great review!

    • Anonymous

      Hmm….okay Wingless, I’m liking the way you think. Maybe if I just shift my mindset, I can see all the jealousy as coming from them being protective of each other. That doesn’t annoy me nearly as much so maybe I’ll try to watch that attitude and I won’t end up wanting to throw things at my tv. LOL.

      I know, right?? LOL, that’s how I feel too. Go away and leave our team alone!! *stomps foot like spoiled child*

  • Anonymous

    Pauley Perrette said on Twitter that the eye belongs to someone we know! :O

    I’m not sure what to think about EJ or CIRay! I’m also like Abby, I don’t like change.
    However, I do like the scenes with Gibbs and EJ butting heads!

    • Anonymous

      I know! Sooooo scary! Obviously it’s no one major but I’m still scared to find out who it belongs to.

      Well right now I like CI-Ray better than EJ as he hasn’t really done anything to annoy me….yet. ;o)

      And yes, I actually did sort of enjoy EJ and Gibbs butting heads too…if only because I was sitting there rooting for Gibbs the whole time. LOL.

  • Joan

    RE Ziva flying off the handle at Ray- she was mad at Ray, certainly, but a lot of that rant was fallout from, and likely subconsciously directed at, Michael Rivkin. Rivkin lied and betrayed and abused her trust, and Ray gets to deal with the wounds left. Poor, poor Ziva. (And poor Ray, but I don’t know him, so I don’t care.)

    I thought both EJ and Gibbs behaved badly (to varying degrees), but that none of their nonsense would have happened had Vance been doing his job. He thinks the best way to deal with Gibbs is to pull the rug out under him at a crime scene? The best way to help the new-to-town agent is by setting her up to clash with the main power player in the office? What kind of crap leadership is that? All he did was start personnel conflicts and prevent the case from being worked effectively. Well done, Vance.

    • Anonymous

      Oh I have no doubt that Ziva’s frustrations were based upon Michael. You’re right, it did feel like she was yelling those things at Rivkin and just using Ray as the sounding board (poor guy).

      Yeah Vance had me frustrated as well. For all his huffing and puffing and demanding that the case get solved, he sure as heck didn’t do anything to help either of them with it. All of his actions were hindrances if anything.

      Honestly I haven’t really truly liked any of the directors they’ve had and he’s not earning any points with me by behaving the way he is this season.

  • Xenascully

    idk how I missed this article…must be from my sickness! Anyway, great job! 🙂 I agree with you– only I didn’t see any Tiva crap in the episode. In fact, I saw more of a protective older brother thing going on. And Ziva, the same way…being protective about him becoming involved with EJ. But I like how Tony admitted to ‘getting this one’. He gets her…because she’s like him. Ziva weirds me out though. She acts like she wants Tony, but she does things like bring her boyfriend around, then acts a bit childish if Tony’s in a relationship. hmmmm it’s like she doesn’t wanna be with him, but he’s not allowed to be with anyone else either. Strange! But yeah I can’t wait to figure out whose eye that is! I think it might be DiNozzo sr’s! And I think EJ is the P2P killer xD

    • Anonymous

      Well I’m glad other people are seeing Tony and Ziva’s actions more as protective brother and sister stuff. Makes it easier for me to see it that way, too.

      Yeah Ziva’s behavior was definitely odd but you gotta admit, Tony was doing the same thing. I mean everyone *knew* he was sleeping with EJ but he’s still acting odd when Ziva brings Ray around. If you’re gonna say Ziva was acting weird, you gotta say Tony was too (and this is coming from a diehard Tony lover, LOL).

      OMG your theories are crazy and I love them! Daddy DiNozzo’s eye!??? NOOOOO!! EJ as the P2P Killer??? EEEKKK!!!

  • Pat

    Ok, so finally watched my tape of t his episode last night.

    1) I totally agree in that I do not like it when an action show is bogged down in romance, particularly between principals. I guess there have been exceptions to my feeling this way, like Castle and Beckett, but every other show that spends time going down this road ruins it for me. I much prefer the team being a “family” or the bromance type thing like in Hawaii Five-0.

    2) The comment about Tony being like a brother to Ziva made me remember that Ziva shot her brother….. food for thought?

    3) The Palmer and Ducky conversations are among my favorite, as I always learn something. This episode was no exception. I wonder how the totem pole expression got so distorted?

    4) The Gibbs-EJ conflict reminded me a bit of the Gibbs-director Jenny conflict. 😎 It seems to me that women he fights with sometimes end up in his bed…. LOL….

    5) Someone else pointed out last week that Gibbs told Kate no fraternizing in the first episode – and I thank you for reminding me of that – it helped last night!

    • Anonymous

      1. I agree with you…..also on the fact that I have exceptions too.

      2. LOL! Very good point!

      3. I dunno but that was a great little fact to learn, wasn’t it?

      4. Uh oh….that’s true. Though to be fair, Gibbs slept with Jenny before she was Director and they fought. Then again, I’m pretty sure they fought when they were both agents…..probably a lot like Tony and Ziva…..which to me just proves why it shouldn’t happen.

      5. Me too! I had nearly forgotten about that until someone pointed it out and it definitely helped me to understand where Gibbs was coming from.

  • OMG! Eyeball….Loved It!
    I’m usually a McGee fan but loved Tony in this episode. Still that ‘loyal St. Bernard” when he stopped in his tracks from crossing over to EJ’s side but showing the maturity of a senior lead when he was talking to EJ.

    I’ll admit that I was a little annoyed by EJ in this episode because I feel that her goal is to get in Vance’s good side and take lead in the DC office. Yes, I will agree that Gibbs could have acted better and showed more respect but EJ could have done the same. She simply walked in to the crime scene and expected everyone to just follow her lead. She could have walked in as a team player…meaning, she could have said that she had some information and start from there but she just went head first. Not that she was wrong but she definitely ruffled some feathers that won’t be smoothed anytime soon. He does NOT trust her! Still, I can’t say I don’t like her.

    Loved how Gibbs stood up and approached Ziva for the intro to CI-Ray. It showed a respect of his team members and those that they care about. And taking Ziva on her word (knowing that the info came from CI-Ray), that is complete trust…yea, she earned it.

    Considering Ziva’s trust issues with the men she has loved in her life (um, dad), not really surprised at how reacted. Love Tony’s nickname for Ray….

    Overall enjoyed the show…Gibbs and EJ will eventually find a common ground and perhaps respect each other.

    • Anonymous

      Loved all your favorite bits too. Great moments/observations! :o)