MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Free People” Review

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT (ABC Family) - Free People

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Free People” Season 2 Episode 12 – While I’m glad that MAKE IT OR BREAK IT is whittling down the huge topics that were first introduced at mid-season, it seems like they are already wrapping up storylines. Have they actually addressed any of the issues yet? On several points, tonight’s episode “Free People” seems to have already swept the sawdust out the door.

Lauren’s friend Darby Conrad, a free spirit in heels (at the gym), is hired as The Rock’s new coach. OMG, Darbs and LoLo! This could get old quickly, especially if Darby never learns to make a decision or to actually coach. What does this mean for Sasha? Is he gone already, after just the goodbye to Kim in the last episode?

Payson and Lauren compete to be team leader. For the “glory of achievement,” Darby decides to appoint them co-captains. Lauren demands her father order her coach to make her captain, threatening to reveal what he “made” her do (the Payson/Sasha video). Lauren’s guilt from last episode is now little daggers aimed at Steve, who for once is almost innocent. What is Lauren really mad about – being robbed of time with her mother, not having a mother, wanting a mother, something else entirely? Whatever it is, she is fierce in her anger.

On the other spectrum of emotions, Lauren is ecstatic at the prospect of Summer and Steve getting married. Summer gives Steve another chance on the condition of complete honesty from him. How long will the truth last? I found Lauren to be both pitiable and pathetic in her reaction.

Emily’s probation officer lifts all restrictions, including her ankle monitor. For this to happen, Emily must have had a really good week. But the NGO representative will only allow her to stay on the national team, and try out for worlds, if she agrees to the conditions of a contract. In other words, live and breathe gymnastics; be like Payson.

This decision is made harder now that Damon is back in Boulder. I thought that Damon might throw a hissy fit when Emily told him she signed her life away. I am very glad that he didn’t, though it all seems too good to be true. You know something bad is going to happen soon. As for the (implied) sex, where did that come from?! What kind of message is that from our family show? You’re letting me fight for my dream, so I should have sex with you? Anorexia bad; sex good? This one might take a minute to process.

Kaylie is released from inpatient treatment, after saying what the counselors want to hear. Like with Emily, that was super fast. At least, she has been assigned to art therapy at home before she can return to gymnastics. Kaylie celebrates her return home by throwing objects at the wall, all the while saying she’s fine. Sure, we believe you, Kaylie; no suppressed issues at all. Kaylie goes on to offer Damon the use of her mom’s recording studio. Oh oh, here comes the trouble.

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