6 TV Shows I Would Like To Forget So I Could Watch Them Again

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been at this game of watching TV since I was a little tyke, which means that I have a pretty long list of TV shows that I’ve come to love over the years.

But even with that long list at my disposal, coming up with ones that I would want to forget so I could watch them again is still pretty hard. As much as I love some of my favorite shows, not all of them would fall under this category. I mean, I enjoy Private Practice but would I want to forget it to watch it all over again? Probably not.

As I started to make this list, I decided pretty fast that I wanted it to include shows that have had an impact on me. Whether that impact was on my own life personally (because yes, believe it or not, that has happened) or if the impact was just from what I was viewing on screen, I wanted them to mean something.

Warning: There are some spoilers in the descriptions below.


When I talk to people about my love of Firefly, I usually can’t get away without mentioning the fact that this show changed my life.

No really, I’m not kidding, it totally did.

Before I found it I was a lonely fangirl that only communicated with other fans via the internet. After watching the show I found out there were groups of people out there called “Browncoats” who actually met each other (gasp!).face to face. I had to find out more and soon I had joined a local group and made friendships that are still strong to this day, several years later.

So when I say that I wish I could forget this show and watch it over again, it’s not just because of the episodes themselves. It’s not only because I want to meet each cast member for the first time or re-watch the scenes that made me laugh (Mal in that bonnet) or cry (the entire 40 minutes of ‘Out of Gas’). A part of me wants also to go back to that time when my life opened up to something brand new, where I found other people who understood me. Up until then, I’d always been viewed as a bit of an odd bird by my ‘normal’ friends.


Supernatural is a show that along came at the perfect time in my life. It was when I (believe it or not) had no TV shows that I was all that interested in watching – nothing that made me say “oh goodie! I can’t wait to watch ____ tonight!”

Once I found Supernatural, I couldn’t devour it fast enough and the more I found out about these characters and the farther the show delved into the story arcs, the more I loved it. I’d love to gasp again at the end of season two when the semi crashes into the Impala or cry again when either of the brothers died (again and again). I want to meet Cas again and laugh at Dean’s one liners, I want to feel the shock I felt when we all found out just what Sam had been up to while Dean had been in Hell.


I wasn’t necessarily looking for a new show to watch when NCIS dropped into my lap, but I’m so happy it did.

I fell in love with all of the characters on the show, right from the moment I saw ‘Yankee White’. I remember thinking that this group of people was incredibly close and it was that aspect that really appealed to me. Getting to see them continue to grow and learning more about them is something I’d love to re-live. Things like learning about Gibbs’ first wife and daughter, Gibbs ordering Tony to live while he lay dying under blue lights, the death of Kate, all of Abby’s hilarious moments, McGee becoming a permanent member of the team and many, many more. Sure I watch the almost continuous airings of the repeats on USA, but there’s nothing quite like seeing an episode for the first time.


Unlike most of the shows on this list, Lost was one that I can say I actually watched from the moment it aired.

I heard some deejays on my favorite radio station talking about it and they were so gung-ho that I just HAD to check it out. So I sat down that very first night and I was drawn in the moment that Jack opened his eyes in that silent jungle and we had no idea what was going on. A few moments later, when he discovered the chaos on the beach and we saw what had happened, I nearly got chills.

It was that moment right there that I would love to re-live again the most. Up until that moment, nothing on TV had hit me quite like that and I don’t know if anything ever will again. But it was also the magic of the rest of the series (especially the first two seasons) that I would want to recapture. Wondering what the heck was going on and having all those amazing moments – Walt getting kidnapped, Jack and Kate crying over a “dead” Charlie, crying my eyes out over Boone’s death, the chills that went down my spine when we realized that Ethan hadn’t been on the plane..oh man, I could go on an on. Each one of those moments struck me to the bone and I just love it when that happens.


When I talk about Buffy I have to confess that I never saw this show while it was airing. Not one single, solitary episode.


Because I was stupid and had this wacky thought in my head that the TV version could never be as good as the original movie (which I ADORED as a teen and could quote endlessly).

So what happened? Why did I decide to watch it all on DVD years after the final episode had aired? Well I discovered Firefly and of course everyone said that if I liked that then I must check out Whedon’s other work. So I did. I rented Buffy and pretty much wanted to beat myself senseless for missing out on this great show and all the fun of the fandom during its heyday.

Buffy was a show that was on so long that it went through a lot and it’s all of those changes and developments that I’d love to re-live again. From Buffy’s multiple deaths to a musical episode and even a silent episode, all made me sit back in awe of what Whedon had created.


I kinda wanted to put Buffy and Angel into the same place because I watched them at the same time. Literally. I was advised by someone at a convention (an actor who played bit roles on both shows, now that I think about it) to watch them together the same way that they aired together.

So I began watching the first season of Angel right after watching the final episode of the second season of Buffy. After that I kept on alternating between the two discs of each series so that I could catch the crossover actors and storylines.

Again I was struck by this amazing world that I’d never dreamed existed, characters who changed and grew over the seasons and episodes that had me laughing (one word – puppets) or crying (too many to name).


So there they are, the 6 shows I’d like to forget just so I could watch them all over again. Honestly I don’t know if I could come up with any more. Not too many shows have struck me the way these have, not even when I was that little tyke sitting on the floor watching an old TV with no cable.

And now I’m curious, what are the TV shows that you would like to forget and watch again?

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