THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Essence of Cleveland” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW The Essence of Cleveland Season 2 Episode 18 (6)

THE CLEVELAND SHOW “The Essence of Cleveland” Season 2, Episode 18 – Tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show follows Cleveland as he copes with his feelings of being unappreciated by Donna. After being hit by a vehicle in the middle of a high speed chase, Cleveland finds himself in the hospital where he realizes that Donna doesn’t know the most basic things about him – including how to spell his name.

Donna is especially stuck up in this episode and she dismisses Cleveland’s unhappy reaction to discovering that she knows nothing about him by explaining that she is the prize that he’s finally won. Of course, Cleveland feels even more bitter about their relationship and leaves to blow off some steam with the guys by touring open houses. I loved this bit with Cleveland’s friends listing off all the things they know about him while ooh-ing and ah-ing over hardwood floors and bath design.

The house they were touring happened to be owned by an old classmate of Cleveland’s who had a serious crush on him when they were in high school. Determined to show Donna that someone else considers him the center of the universe, he hunts down the owner of the house and finds out her name is Patricia Donner. Donna remembers the name and the girl they used to call “Fatty Patty” and starts making fat jokes.

Turns out, Patty is a hottie and Cleveland can not get enough of the fact that she still has a soft spot for him. I loved all of the Patty and Cleveland moments in this episode because Cleveland was especially dorky and hilarious when he was talking to her. I cracked up when Cleveland set up the video camera to record Donna’s expression when Patty walked in the door and after catching a glimpse of the other things he’s got caught on tape, I’d like to watch his home movie collection.

The family dinner pitting Patty against Donna in their knowledge of all things Cleveland was hilarious. Cleveland’s calf raises and his whistling abilities were definitely worthy of him donning the “smug suspenders” at the end of the night and Donna snapping the suspenders and having him shout in the distance “Ah! My back boobs!” was a crack up.

Despite Donna forbidding him from spending time with Patty, Cleveland returns to Patty’s house for some wine and conversation. Within moments, Patty has drugged Cleveland, stripped him naked and tied him to the bed posts. Cleveland reading Patty’s note and screaming “she jacked me!” and then “she stole my essence” followed by the casual entrance of the real estate agent and the new home buyers jumping into bed with naked Cleveland, was definitely the highlight of this episode.

This episode of The Cleveland Show started with a car chase, so it’s only fitting that it would end with a hot air balloon chase. Even in the end, Donna stays true to her self-centered attitude and convinces Patty to not use Cleveland’s essence by listing all the annoying things he does around the house. Instead of being hurt, Cleveland takes this as a sign that Donna actually does know him and is relieved. Patty suddenly realizes all the things about Cleveland that make him unappealing and decides to stop the insemination. With his essence now in the hands of a mustached fish, Cleveland returns to his normal life with Donna.

Sure, the plot wasn’t anything original, but it worked well for these characters and brought out the side of Cleveland I find to be the most funny. I thought Patty’s character was little crazy without being totally insane and she was worked into the story nicely. All the gags worked really well which makes this episode of The Cleveland Show among my favorites from this season.