AMERICAN DAD “School Lies” Review

AMERICAN DAD "School Lies" Season 6 Episode 14

AMERICAN DAD “School Lies” Season 7 Episode 14 – Tonight’s episode of American Dad puts Stan in a position to choose between advancing his career with the CIA or focusing on his family.

After the new guy in the office gets a promotion, Stan decides he’s got to get in close with Senator Buckingham if he wants to get out of a cubicle. Although Stan was against it, Francine had wanted to send Steve to a new school for his safety. In protest, Stan had shown up for the school tour in pajamas which let his private bits slip out. It was pretty funny watching Francine delicately tuck everything back into place and I loved Stan’s reaction when a crow later made a landing on the exposed area.

When Stan realizes that Senator Buckingham’s daughter would be Steve’s classmate, he changes his mind and pushes for the transfer as well. After ditching the first day of classes, Stan tells Steve that he has to continue going to the new school, but Steve wants nothing to do with it. He threatens to humiliate Stan by acting like a Wolfman around the Senator and his daughter. The back and forth between Steve’s ridiculous impression of a wolfman and Stan’s increasing fear of his career being ruined was a good moment that got stranger and more funny when the demon hunter crashed through the window and pointed a crossbow at Steve’s head.

For some reason, Stan decides that Roger would be a safer character to introduce as his son when he sees the Senator. The Senator easily falls for Rogers disguise and charm and Stan is quickly in a position to rub elbows with the man in charge. Roger and Cookie, the senator’s daughter, run off to become best friends while Steve is out on the streets joining a female gang. Steve’s little stint with the female gang was pretty great and his new permanent purple eyebrows tattoo was a nice touch.

I would have expected a character like Stan to know a bit more about golf so I liked the way his lack of knowledge about the sport was played up for laughs. I also appreciated Roger’s Requiem for a Dream-like recollections of his time with Cookie before he sold her to a drug dealer. Seeing Senator Buckingham’s reaction to his daughter’s drug-induced face plant and subsequent “Pulp Fiction Kit” resuscitation was enough to convince Stan that he really was a family man more than a career man. Although it wasn’t really a shocking surprise, it was still nice to see Stan use his favor to get his son out of prison after Steve had robbed a pharmacy with his gangster girls. The end of the episode ventured off the deep end by transitioning into an ad for a new series called “Mind Quad.” It was probably the most bizarre of the gags tonight, but it still made me laugh.

Tonight’s American Dad had a lot of great and totally random jokes that weren’t essential to the plot in any way, but the humor was solid and it ended up being a pretty satisfying episode.