BLUE BLOODS “To Tell the Truth” Review

Blue Bloods (CBS) To Tell The Truth

BLUE BLOODS “To Tell the Truth” Episode 18 – Danny witnesses a shooting and not only leaves his family worried about him being shot, but also about testifying against a guy who’s known for making witnesses mysteriously disappear before they can show up in court.

We quickly find out that while other families may have a fire plan or, as in the case here in California, an earthquake plan, but the Reagans have a just-in-case-someone- is-being-threatened-by-a-drug-kingpin-go-to-grandpa’s-house plan. And just as I was thinking that the threat to Danny’s family was going to be enough drama for this episode, his wife is kidnapped/

Now you’d think that a show that featured one sibling getting attacked by a serial rapist in a previous episode would be taking things too far to have another sibling’s wife kidnapped by a drug kingpin in the same season. But Blue Bloods is so good at what they do that it doesn’t come off that way at all. This show is about these characters and how close they are as a family, throwing them into these awful situations gives us a glance at how well they all work together and help each other through the rough times.

For instance I love the way they pass the news, personally and face to face, not over the phone. Yeah I know that some of that was because it was dangerous for people to find out about the kidnapping but I also liked the fact that we got to see every family member find out. We got to see their reactions and how they all flew into help mode.

I know I keep saying this show keeps getting better and I really hate to sound like a broken record but when they give us an episode this good, there’s not much more I can say.

My favorite bits..

Linda saying she only called to tell Danny that she loved him…and needed some milk.

Frank’s “Thank God” when he heard the news about Danny. I’m sure he heard that Danny was involved with a shooting and his mind immediately went to the loss of his other soon.

Frank ordering his son to let the EMTs check his blood pressure.

Henry saying exactly what I thought about Frank and how he must have felt when he got that call. Great minds..

Danny saying that when he locked his ass up, he’d know exactly where Salazar was.

Erin and Danny sharing a sweet sibling hug after she told him she was happy he was okay.

Sylvia trying to deny that she knew David but not pulling it off at all.

Thinking that Danny’s reassurances that it was going to be okay testifying against Salazar were offset a bit when he told his wife that she and the kids were going to have to stay with his dad for a few days.

Frank refusing to answer any questions about Danny and then Lyle goes and says it anyway. Idiot.

Erin totally catching on that the guys picking her up weren’t cops. Too bad she didn’t figure it out fast enough. Eep.

My heart breaking for Danny during his private freak-out after finding out Salazar had his wife.

The look on Frank’s face when he found out that his father had picked up his grandons in cop car.

Realizing that Danny hadn’t yet told his partner about his wife’s kidnapping. Man, I realize that the more people who know, the more danger Linda is in, but not even his partner?

You know, for all the times that Danny has gone apeshit on a suspect, I actually found his near whispered threat to Salazar much more frightening.

The way they only showed us Danny telling Jackie, so that we could concentrate on how she took it and then immediately started comforting him.

Frank having to tell his son about the car being found with an unidentified body inside, and then making sure to get there first so that he could reassure him that it wasn’t Linda.

Frank finding out that Jamie had called in sick to help his sister-in-law.

Jackie confirming that Danny was indeed crazy as he held a blow torch to the guy’s face.

As frightened and relieved as he must have been at that moment, I still admired the fact that Danny had enough foresight to ask his wife if anyone else was in the room before concentrating fully on the fact that he’d just found her.

Linda telling Danny that she knew he would find her. Seriously, that bit made me tear up a little. Jeesh, I’m such a softie.

Danny running in at the last second to testify against Salazar. Yeah!

Frank and Erin breaking down exactly what brought them to the conclusion that he was the mole and then Frank letting Erin read him his rights.

Linda telling her boys that her day at the spa was great. I’m happy that they kept something that awful from the boys and yet I loved that Frank was still able to make it clear how happy he was to have her back.

What did you think of this episode of Blue Bloods? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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