PRIVATE PRACTICE “The Hardest Part” Review


PRIVATE PRACTICE “The Hardest Part” Season 4 Episode 18 – Pete’s mother is brought into the hospital after his brother follows her wishes and poisons here so that she can get out of prison. When it turns out that the poison has done too good a job and she is dying, it forces Pete to face things he has been trying to avoid. He finally forgives his mother but doing that opens up the doors to letting him actually feel the pain of her loss, especially after he sees what could have been between her and his own son. I was happy that he got to resolve it but my heart went out to him as well.

Sheldon and Violet share a group of patients, teenage girls who joined in a pregnancy pact together, when her book becomes a problem. I totally agreed with Sheldon that a patient shouldn’t go to see a doc they already have an opinion about (especially a bad opinion), but in the end she worked it out with one of them and the knowledge the girl had about Violet’s past actually brought them closer. Color me wrong.

Coop and Amelia butt heads over a patient who plays the piano brilliantly because the boy is willing to risk his legs (and his life) just so he can continue to play. Once again, I was beginning to think that Coop was being too careful. But then we found out that he once played the piano and quit after discovering that his father also taught his dead brother to play, too. Coop always wondered if his dad really loved him and he knew that’s what the kid was feeling as well. It gave him an insight to both the patient and the grandfather and in the end he got the man to just tell his grandson that he loved him. He also got a piano, after Charlotte told him in no uncertain terms that there’s no way his dad didn’t love him.

My favorite bits…

Yay for Sheldon finally finding someone who (hopefully) won’t just use him and toss him away.

I know that listening to those three pregnant teenagers was maybe supposed to make us all feel for them and understand why they did is it wrong that all I wanted to do was smack all of them?

Finding out that Coop apparently rushes home to watch outtakes from American Bake-Off.

That poor boy telling his grandfather that he didn’t need legs, but he needed the piano.

Charlotte describing the look on Sheldon’s face as ‘the cat who got the cream.’

Finding out that Coop used to play the piano.

The look on Violet’s face when she found out that Coop and Marla were “dating.”

Patrick telling his grandfather to let him do the surgery he wanted or to let him die.

The affect Patrick’s music had on Coop and then finding out why when he told Charlotte about his brother.

Really Pete? You think your mother doesn’t know that she failed you? After the way you talked to her? Not that I blamed him, but it was kind of crazy that he didn’t think she knew exactly how he felt about her.

Pete brining Lucas to see his grandmother. Asking how come she didn’t feel the same love for he and his brother as he did for his own son broke my heart, as did she and Lucas sharing a little moment.

Patrick’s grandfather telling him he loved him in surgery.

Pete being able to be there for his mother (and his brother) when she died.

That little baby opening his eyes and looking at his mom when Sheldon pointed out that she wasn’t alone, she had him. So sweet.

Charlotte telling Coop that even if his dad had looked at him as a newborn and thought of his older brother, but once he grew, he would have only seen Cooper, not Andy.

The way Coop’s face absolutely lit up when he saw the piano.

Marla telling Sheldon to call her when their relationship meant more to him than what Violet thought. I’m with her on that, but ow.

Pete breaking down finally and letting himself feel the loss, maybe not of what had been, but what could have been.

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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